Sometimes marriage break-ups are inevitable – Pope


Pope Francis on Wednesday acknowledged that sometimes it is impossible for spouses to stay together. “It is true…that there are cases when separations are inevitable.

Sometimes they can even become morally necessary,” the pontiff said during his weekly audience in Saint Peter’s Square.

Francis said he was referring to cases of domestic violence and exploitation, affecting the weaker partner or small children. His remarks came a day after the publication of a working document for the Oct. 4-25 Synod.

The summit of bishops is due to discuss how to treat people who do not comply with Catholic family ethics, including divorcees, unmarried couples and homosexuals.

“Around us we find several families in so-called irregular-I don’t like this word – situations, and we pose ourselves many questions.

“How can we help them? How can we support them? How can we support them so that children do not become hostages of their father or mother?,”

the Pope said.

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