T.B. Joshua Insists on Refund

Prophet T.B Joshua ministry, Synagogue Church Of All Nations, SCOAN, was charging $100 as registration from groups and individuals to facility their easy access to him.
But the easy speaking Prophet has condemned the move saying his Christian ministry was not a concert show where people would pay to go and enjoy themselves.
According to a statement sourced from TB Joshua Ministries on Facebook, “I have received many emails and newspaper reports on the internet complaining of registration fees of $100. What then makes us an evangelist? When people go to concerts, they also register with $100,” the statement, which was posted to over 500,000 fans of “TB Joshua Ministries”, read.
He maintained that co-ordinating visits to The SCOAN was evangelical and not finance-orientated, warning those involved that collecting undue money from vulnerable people was tantamount to partaking in their troubles.
“If we are evangelists, co-ordinating for God’s sake, all our concerns, aspirations and heart desires must be subjected to the Gospel through works of charity, by helping the sick, distressed and unsaved, instead of collecting registration fees of $100 from them before giving succor. I mean, attending to them. This cannot be justified; it amounts to taking a portion of their situation.”
The popular cleric insisted that money-making should not be the focus or drive of such co-ordinators, but rather care for the sick and distressed in society. “If we are focused on making money only, a large slice of life will pass us by. We should spend less on ourselves, and more on others,” he exhorted, reminding them of Jesus’ words in Matthew 25:40-45. “Don’t forget your promise when you were called to be co-ordinators. Your promise, if I may remind you, was to give rest to the sick, distressed and unsaved,” the statement read.
The statement ended with Joshua’s insistence that any money collected for registration should be immediately returned. “Those who have already paid $100 for the registration should be refunded, for God’s sake. I am impressed by the prompt action of the co-ordinators in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, who have been refunding the $100 paid by each person as a registration fee. I believe all others will act likewise.”
Citing Matthew 10:41, he concluded, “He who honours a prophet, because he is a prophet, will receive a prophet’s reward.”
Source: TB Joshua Ministries on Facebook

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