Preye Odede’s Sophomore Album #Ready Now Available Online

Gospel music minister Preye Odede’s album “Ready” hit the market nationwide on the 23rd of December, 2017. The album marketed by Honesty Music Entertainment received rave welcome on release and is now more easily assessible online.

With upload of the album on The Minstrel App and Spiricoco, the album can now be purchased by everyone inspired by Preye Odede’s music at home and abroad.

Preye Odede’s sophomore album “Ready” with production credits including Prince Vibes, Dr Roy (Eezee Production) and Ceewai (Honesty production), comes four years after his debut album titled “My Script”.

Tracks in the album include previously released works such as “Bulie”, “Oshimiri Atata” and “I am Real”.

Joining the “Ebezina” singer on the album include International Gospel artiste Sonnie Badu, Ghanaian Gospel singer Akesse Brempong, Generation of Praise and Mercy Chinwo.

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Preye Odede Premieres Sophomore Album – ‘Ready’

Preye Odede finally reveals what “Ready” is all about! Get ready as Preye Odede’s sophomore album hits a local vendor store and online portal close to you!

There’s been so much buzz about #Ready with various guesses as to what the Gospel music minister could be up to. Some suggest Preye Odede was launching a clothing line, while others said he was getting married. Those who guessed he was launching an album can now do the imaginary backflip for guessing right.

The sophomore album comes four years after his debut album titled “My Script”. Included in the album are previously released works including “Bulie”, Oshimiri Atata” and “I am Real”.

Production credits include Prince Vibes, Dr Roy (Eezee Production) and Ceewai (Honesty production). “Ready” contains a number of high profile features including International Gospel artiste Sonnie Badu, Ghanaian Gospel singer Akesse Brempong. Also, Generation of Praise and Mercy Chinwo.

See tracklist & credits below:

The ‘Ready’ album, marketed by Honesty Music is available nationwide from today the 23rd of December. You can also order on iTunes.

Get the album HERE

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Preye Odede Set Internet Agog With #Ready – See Campaign Photos

Gospel music minister Preye Odede has set the internet agog with the hashtag “Ready”. He has been adding the hashtag to his post subtly for a while but this week, he turned it up a notch when he posed the question “what is this #ready?”

Preye Odede posted an artwork on social media, including his Instagram page.  

The artwork depicting readiness was captioned:

“What is this #READY? Anyone wants to try a guess and win a #READY?”

Various suggestions have followed the question with many positing that the Gospel music minister is about to launch a fashion brand which could be a clothing line or men accessories line.

Others suggested that Preye is getting married, while some also made suggestions ranging from album, to a single. There were also suggestions that he is launching a record label.

Preye Odede has not divulge further information save for the fact that he has built an anticipation for #Ready and those who guessed right will be rewarded with #Ready.

Preye Odede released the spectacular video for the single “I am Real” in August of 2017. The video which evoked triumphant manifestations birthing testimonies was followed by the rapturous worship/declarative single “Oshimiri Atata” in September.

Surely the Port Harcourt based Gospel music minister is maintaining a steady build up. We just have to keep our eyes peeled and fingers crossed to know if the end of the year brings it to a crescendo or there will be a continuity.

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[DOWNLOAD] ‘You Reign In Majesty’ – P Shantel Ft. Preye Odede

P-Shantel is out with her highly anticipated single ‘You Reign In Majesty’ featuring Preye Odede.

This song was well interpreted and produced by the award winning Prince Vibes CEO Immortal Vibes Records.

‘You Reign In Majesty’ is a song which expresses the sovereign Power of the Lord Strong and Mighty GOD.


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[DOWNLOAD] ‘Oshimiri Atata’ – Preye Odede Ft. Generation Of Praise

Preye Odede reaches beyond plausible vicissitudes and is defiant to the end as he renders worship in new single titled “Oshimiri Atata (the river that never runs dry)”. The new single follows in quick succession with the release of spectacular visual  for the song “I am Real”, alongside its audio.

“Oshimiri Atata” is off Preye Odede’s forthcoming album. The tropical vibe which is as buoyant as its lyrical depth eulogizes the Supreme One, alluding to His sustainable capacity that is all encompassing, hence, the metaphor – the river that never runs dry. Preye posits that situation may look impossible but the Love that keeps giving never runs out of resources.

The new single features Generation of Praise and can be downloaded for free on Preye Odede’s website ( It is however available on sales portals as well. Preye Odede has hinted that the unveiling of the album title comes up shortly.

Produced by Prince Vibes.


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[LYRICS] You Are Wonderful – Onos Ariyo Ft. Preye Odede

Jesus Jesus
You are wonderful
You are merciful
You are so faithful to me
You are wonderful
You are merciful
You are so faithful to me

You are wonderful
You are merciful
You are so faithful to me
You are wonderful
You are merciful
You are so faithful to me (x2)

My God keeps opening doors
Making a way
Shinning His light in the darkness
My God keeps lifting my life
Blessing my home
Oh God, I will praise you forever more

Whom Jesus lifts
No one can bring him down
I decree, promotion everywhere
Increase in your life
This year, this year, this year… Ooh
The glory of God is revealed all over you
(If you believe you will lift your voice and say)


Excellent Jehovah
Death couldn’t hold you down
You were hung upon the tree
Still you reign
Onye ezi omume (He that does great things)
Aka’m di nelu eh
(I lift my hands to you)
Ikpere’mdi na ala eh (I kneelbefore you)
I return my praise to you

Chim le (My God)
Ihe oma i na emere’mo (The things you keep doing for me)
Onu’m apughi iko ya (My mouth can’t tell it all)
Biko nara ekele (Please accept my praise)
My God keeps opening doors
Making a way
Oh God, I will praise you forevermore


Wonderful (x7)
You are wonderful to me
Merciful (x7)
You are merciful to me
Faithful (x7)
You are faithful to me


Almighty God, no like you
My provider, you have never lost a case
You open the red sea, you made the blind to see
God of shedrack, Meshack and Abenego
You are Jesus, Jesus


Oh oh oh oh oh
You are faithful to me …