[DOWNLOAD] “Greater One” – Wyllz | Prod. by King Baseda

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When the truth in 1st John 4:4 dawns on you The life of success and absolute victory becomes a daily experience.

Wyllz chooses to communicate this truth in the song “GREATER ONE“.
You’re a champion, and you’ll be standing on because the greater one lives in you – WYLLZ

GREATER ONE, though is this ace baritone singer cum voice actor’s first release for the year 2019 is not his only hit, but one among many which include IBUCHUKWU, UTIBE IMA, & NA SO; all produced by the prolific King Baseda and have enjoyed massive air play on radio and TV stations across the nation.

Wyllz is a member of the Love world Music and Arts Ministry, which is the home of major key players in the gospel music scenery.


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[VIDEO] “Utibe Ima” – Wyllz | Prod. by King Baseda

Utibe Ima - Wyllz

Following the release of his third single “Na So” which saw the ace baritone singer, voice actor and gospel music sensation deliver smoothly in pidgin English on a rock sound.

Wyllz whose real name is Utibeabasi Williams decides to consolidate on his sophomore single “Utibe Ima”, he released in February this year, with a video of the song expressing the length, breadth, height and depth of God’s love for mankind

Wyllz believes that there’s no greater love than Christ’s vicarious death on the cross and so he tells that story in a fine blend of spiritual classical contemporary sound.

See video below,

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[LYRICS] ‘Na So’ – Wyllz

I no fit talk am.
I no fit sing am enough
I no fit play am
I no fit shout am enough
Your goodness, mercies and love
E too dey shark me
E dey like say I don puff
Your love Oh God is sufficient unto me

Na so you bless me
I see your hand in everything I do
O Baba Ese Ese O Ese O

Its amazing
It’s so cool and I thought
That I should show Ya
All of my gratitude
Cos You are awesome
And mighty in this place
And so I give to you all my praise
Your love Oh God is sufficient unto me

Na so you bless me
I see your hand in everything I do
O Baba Ese Ese O Ese O

Let me try to count your many blessings
One by one, one by one
Time to finish, finish leave me
if I try to count am one by one
You too good. You too kind
You too sweet Baba o
You too big, You too love
You too much Baba o
I fit go around the world.
I no fit find any one like you

Na so you bless me
I see your hand in everything I do
O Baba Ese Ese O Ese O

Wyllz - Na So


[VIDEO + AUDIO] ‘Na So’ – Wyllz | Prod. by King Baseda

Wyllz - Na So
Nigeria’s Gospel sensation, Wyllz with real name UtibeAbasi Williams, known for his deep baritone signature voice, who majors in soft-Rock and Inspirational music genre is back with another banging gospel tune titled NA SO.

After enjoying massive airplay with his first two singles Ibuchukwu and Utibe Ima; Wyllz, the multi-talented Gospel singer, Musician and Voice Over Artiste, simplifies his heart-felt proclamation of God’s bountiful blessings in his life, in this Soul-lifting song ― NA SO.

‘Na So’ was produced by King Baseda.


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[DOWNLOAD] ‘Utibe ima’ (No greater Love) – Wyllz

Wyllz Premiere a New Love Song titled Utibe Ima (No Greater Love).
It’s a season of love, and Wyllz chooses to express love through this song Utibe ima (no greater love).

Wyllz believes that God is love and He is reason for the season, so enjoy this epic love song Utibe ima which has an African opera flair delivered in a contemporary style.

This is another one from Wyllz after dropping ‘Ibuchukwu’.
Produced by King Baseda

Watch the lyrics video below


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