“The Hassles About Gospel Awards – The Spiritual Perspective” By Kayode Olusoji

In the past, many gospel artists believe that they can do wishy-washy music, produce less than quality video and cover it up with prayer and anointing. But when I look at the qualities of one of my mentors in the bible, King David, he was highly professional, very cunning in playing and he also had God’s anointing. He was anointed by Prophet Samuel while he was still tending his father’s flock in the bush. He was diligently playing his harp and composing his songs then while he was still in obscurity, and his congregation then was the flock of sheep. If an earthly king can consider professionalism as one of the criteria for David to play his harp in his presence, I want to submit that the King of kings deserves our best. Therefore, if one of the criteria for giving awards to gospel artists is to celebrate excellence, it is a good notion and it should spur others to put in their best. Not necessarily because of awards, but because our God deserves the best music. He deserves highest quality videos. He deserves the best of compositions. He deserves the best music production. Remember Abel gave his best offering to God and He accepted it while he rejected that of Cain who did not give his best. In any case, we should not overlook the fact that before we offer our quality music to God, we must first of all offer ourselves unto God as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto Him, because that’s our reasonable service. Anything short of this is unreasonable. The truth is that, the major difference between gospel artists and many of the secular artists is that we have a relationship with God, we are born again, and we have the Spirit of God. In terms of professionalism we need to really step up the game because some of these secular artists work more on the production quality than the gospel artists simply because some of us just believe that the anointing will cover up our low level of preparation. Prayer and anointing has its place, acquisition of skills also have its place. God will not do what He has given us the ability to do. So we have to refine that raw talents and sharpen our talents the more so that we can be highly productive. If giving out awards will therefore motivate us to do more, it is highly welcome. SCRIPTURAL PERSPECTIVE God is coming to reward us and our rewards will actually be in different categories when we get to heaven. Some will get more, while some will get less and some will not even get at all. So, God also rewards excellence. When we get to heaven, the number of crowns that each individual will get will not be the same and the stars on our crown will differ as well. A time will come when God will give us rewards for what we have done on earth. Some will be condemned eternally while others will enter into eternal rest. “Behold I come quickly and my reward is with me, to give everyone according to what is work is”. – Revelations 22:12 As a matter of fact, apart from the fact that we serve God because we love Him, we are also thinking of our rewards in heaven, if there is no reward many will not endure. Many today refuse to sing all these ungodly songs not minding the immediate rewards that some of them get, because we have rewards in heaven which is far greater. Even while on earth we expect some rewards from God. Jesus was looking at the joy ahead of Him and that was why He endured the cross. Jesus spoke about the parable of a Master who rewarded the three servants that he gave some talents to. While two of them were celebrated for using their talents and got kudos from the Master, the other one was condemned and punished for not using his talent. Just as award is a form of reward for excellence, so also is commendation, promotion and some other forms of motivation. However, whatever we are or have should be used to the glory of God because He can not share His glory with anyone. We should always remember to return all the glory to Him. Talking about jealousy, envy and discord that award may cause among the gospel artists, I think it is just a matter of the gospel artists working more on their hearts because all these traits are not the fruits of the Spirit but the manifestation of the works of the flesh. Yes you might want to sight the example of the case of King Saul and David. David was praised more than King Saul that he defeated more people than King Saul did, but you will also agree with me that at that point in time, the Spirit of God had left Saul so he was acting in the flesh. A true Christian knows that, it is God’s appraisal that is actually the ultimate. In the Holy Bible, there are so many cases that could have caused envy or jealousy. Joseph was preferred by God above his elder brothers. Jacob was approved by God above Esau while Ephraim was given the blessing of the first born above his elder brother Manasseh. Moses was a leader who led the Israelites out of Egypt, while his elder sister Miriam and his elder brother Aaron served under him. Abel’s sacrifice was approved by God and He disapproved that of his elder brother Cain. Samuel believed that Eliab the first born of Jesse deserved the anointing, but God said no, anoint David who was the last born and has even been forgotten in the bush. Yes, some of these cases led to jealousy and envy but God was still not in support of those who were envious. Therefore, whether there is award or no award, those who have not coveted those fruits of the spirit will still manifest envy and jealousy. Those who set their eyes on things above also will not allow anything to distract them from their main goal. Let us always remember that one day; we will all stand before the judgment throne of God, to give an account of our stewardship. Then, all these awards will not really matter. We will not even be compared with one another, but God will judge us based on the potentials He has given to each and every one of us. We will be rewarded on how well we have maximized those potentials while on earth.

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