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The Last Time My Husband Ever Went to Church Was on Our Wedding Day, 7 Years Ago

According to the woman, her husband has refused to pay attention to the Church and has left her in pains because of that.
Below is what she shared:
I need advise please;
My husband hates church. He believes that pastors and evangelists are thieves and con-men who have nothing good to offer. The last time he stepped into a church was on our wedding day.
He was like that when I married him but I thought I could change him. However 7 years has passed and we have 4 kids now yet he never participates in their baptism and dedication. I always do these things alone as if i am a widow. the one that happened last weekend left me in shock.
His best friend’s father died and was buried last month and the family went for the 1st month service last Sunday. But my husband refused to enter the church and remained outside the compound. I was so embarrassed because our family friends were there. They now all believe that he may be diabolic hence his refusal to enter any church but he is not diabolic because I know him too well and he is a good man but his deep hatred for church has made us a topic of discussion since last weekend. It was only a few who dared to ask me while the rest concluded that he may be an occultist.
Please. I don’t know what to do to make him change his mind. I have tried begging, nagging, getting angry, crying to no avail. Please what do I do?
All he will keeps telling me is that he is closer to God than even me who go to church every sunday. He always has a bad story to tell about pastors. If he is not gisting you about a pastor that was sleeping with his members wives, he will be talking about another who was stealing church funds. He even told me that ndi-omenala (traditional religion practitioners) are more reliable and trustworthy than Christians. 
Seriously, I have exhausted every idea I have to change him but he refused and told me that because he loves me, he can only allow me raise our kids in the church way and that alone he says in a big sacrifice on his part because i am exposing the kids to lies in the name of church.
Please help me. I trek to church every Sunday and if he was coming with me, he would drive us with his car like every other responsible husband does. I don’t know how to drive so i have to trek with my kids every sunday.
Even to join us in morning and evening devotion at home is impossible for him. I have prayed and fasted and he is not changing. I don’t know what to do.
Thank you and please keep me anonymous.

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