The pastor started reading bible on seeing the mad man

Thursday the 28th of June, people at Oke Ado are of Ibadan, Oyo state as well as passerby witnessed a drama between a sane pastor and insane man.
An eyewitness told us that around 5:30PM, the pastor named Timothy went to meet the mad man where he was sitting. The mad man is popularly known as Tunde.
An eyewitness whose name is Semiu, said the pastor started reading bible on seeing the mad man, and laid his hand on the mad man and started praying on the Tunde’s forehead.
After a while, there was this noise between the pastor and the mad man during the deliverance process. This lasted for 15minutes .
It was said that suddenly, the mad man removed the hand of pastor Timothy from his hand and immediately a strange spirit possessed pastor Timothy and suddenly removed his cloth. He was lying on the ground with foam oozing from his mouth. Up till the time that this article is been published, Pastor Timothy hasn’t regain his sanity.

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