Three-year-old Boy Abducted in Calabar Church

A three-year-old boy, Victor Offiong Edem, was abducted by an unknown person at the Assemblies of God’s Church 14, Nnamdi Azikiwe Street, Calabar South during Sunday service, December 15, 2013.

The father of the boy,  Mr Offiong Edem, a staff of College of Health Technology, Calabar said he took his family to the church to thank God for his goodness to him in 2013.

He said after the service which was also the  church’s Thanksgiving Day, he went to work and left  Victor  in company of his wife,  Angelica and his other son, Samuel but was later informed that Victor had gone missing.

He said: “I do work on Sundays. Soon after giving my offering, I went to work leaving behind my wife, my first son and Victor in the church  only to be called later that Victor had gone missing.”

Mother of the missing boy said after the close of service, she had a short discussion with some  church members and after that  “I went to pick my bag where I kept it not far away from where I stood and when  I turned back, I asked Samuel where Victor was and he said he could not find him.”

She said obviously the person was monitoring her and the children and as soon as her eyes were turned away from the child, the person took away the boy.

According to Angelica,“My son is a healthy and happy boy and I know God will bring him back to me  no matter where the person may have taken him to.”

Pastor Chukwu Ekeke, head pastor of the church, said: “That is the first time an unfortunate incident like this will happen in this church and prayers have been said and  I know God will certainly bring back that boy.

A police source at the Mbukpa police station where the matter was reported said investigations are  going on to track down the  abductor.

Source – Vanguard

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