Tunde Bakare says Boko Haram is an American idea, calls out CNN's Isha Sesay, Patience Jonathan, others

During his sermon this past Sunday May 11th, pastor Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain Assembly, went hard on the American government and their offer to assist Nigeria to fight Boko Haram.
Watched the video and here’s a summary of what he said. According to Bakare, CNN media crew coming to Abuja a few weeks ago to cover the Chibok girls story took him back to a vision God showed him during a conference he had in 2005 at Adebola House in Lagos. He said in the vision, he rode on God’s back into former US President Bush’s war room and saw the former president plotting on how to destabilize Nigeria. He said he immediately started praying at the conference declaring that Nigeria is not Iraq and that Bush would be burnt in the bush while Condolezza Rice would end up in the cooking pot. He played the video of his preaching in 2005 where he shared the vision to the conference attendees.
About Isha Sesay of CNN, pastor Bakare said she’s been very disrespectful to Nigerian Government officials who she has been interviewing since she came into the country, making a whole Minister of Information Labaran Maku look like a school boy and showing no regard for his office or even the government he represents. He said to some extent we would say yes she should give it to him because all of a sudden it appears we have no government. Continue…
He called out the First Lady for her recent media frenzy saying her actions made her expose her lack of education using the word sharing instead of shedding. He says one of the judgment upon a nation is that low quality people would rule over you. He said that is how low we have fallen.
He said we should chase away the foxes before we focus on the chickens.  He titled his message War on Terror, War on Terrorist and War on their sponsor. He took a swipe at Pres. Jonathan for saying to the media that they knew more than him. He expressed his sadness at the President’s remark during his media chat that we should not compare stealing with corruption. He said however Pres. Jonathan  is still doing his best. He said Ekiti state coming 34th in the just concluded West African Examination Council (WAEC) is an indication that we have fallen, saying that the pride of Ekiti before now was an avalanche of Top academicians.
He said members of the National delegates clamoring for new states are missing the point and that creation of new states is not our problem.
On Boko Haram and the bombings that have been associated with them, he said he doubts that the men are able to assemble a bomb together. He said boko haram men are not the ones behind the sporadic bombings in Kano, that they don’ have the sophistication. He said there is a foreign orchestration of evil against Nigeria. He said the whole Chibok girls kidnapping is all conspiracy. He wondered how two hundred girls could be kidnapped, the school burnt down and no one could stop it. He wondered why the Sambisa forest cannot be invaded by the military right in our country.
According to him, this is the same Nigeria who sent military forces to Liberia. He wondered if this is not the same Nigeria when Chad citizens invaded Nigeria and killed 5 soldiers during Shagari days and Buhari rolled tanks and pursued the Chad people even into their territory and whole world pleaded that we stop.
He said Americans are angry because Nigerian government had the guts to invade Liberia which is an American territory and they say they would teach us a lesson that we would never forget and said that is the terror that we are experiencing now. He wondered with the videos Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau is releasing, he cannot be traced with the mast or live feeds of the videos. He said the West just wants to ridicule Nigeria before the world and in the end force us to do their bidding. He expressed anger in our government asking for international help saying where was the international community when we fought our civil war.
He prayed for all those sponsoring terror in Nigeria- that their economies would fall, that God would also start trouble in their lands, they would reap multiple terror and that their youngmen and women would rise up against them. He prayed that any Nigerian ruler – Obi, Oba, Emir or politician working in support of terror in Nigeria, that the wrath of God would fall upon them and their children wherever they are and that their families shall be terrorized.
He said we the citizens should not panic and that God has preserved us including the Chibok girls that were kidnapped. 
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