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UNN Student Gets Scholarship From Frank Edwards For Drawing His Portrait


Today could be the happiest day of Obinna Kalu of Fine Arts(100l) as he bounced home with a full free scholarship grant from the Youth Friendly resource centre programme that held between yesterday night and this morning at UNN which featured Frank Edwards as the guest.

It is obvious Kalu know how to make good use of opportunities because as everyone was planning to attend the program, the guy was preparing what to present. It was therefore surprising to everyone when mid way between the the event, in the frenzy of Frank’s performance, the boy walked towards him and handed him a beautiful portrait of him.


Obinna Kalu

In response to that, Frank granted him free scholarship grant immediately to carry him until he finish his university education . He also promised him 100, 000 yearly grant apart from the school fees. This is to actually appreciate the boy for being talented.

Another girl, Kasiri also got sponsorship from Frank the same time for performing an excellent song with her guitar meanwhile, UNN was agog with activities yesterday.

I think it is good to have a talent and to use it at the appropriate time.

Chizidgreat Reporting

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