[VIDEO & AUDIO] “Eyin Nikan” (You Alone) – Lily Perez

Following the enchanting release of “Halleluyah (Etobi)” as a glimpse into her upcoming masterpiece, the Evidence Album live project, Lily Perez presents a fresh melody titled ‘Eyin Nikan’ (You Alone). This composition resonates as an anthem of complete devotion and surrender to the Divine.

Lily’s musical essence revolves around crafting lyrics that draw humanity into closer communion with God, allowing them to perceive love through His compassionate gaze.

“Eyin Nikan” serves as a resounding echo, reminding us of God’s unwavering faithfulness and unceasing goodness throughout the journey of life. It prompts us, with hearts humbly bowed and hands raised in reverence, to acknowledge, “Eyin Nikan logo ye” (You Alone are worthy).

Lily Perez stands as a prolific songwriter, gifted vocalist, and adept music director. Her repertoire boasts remarkable tracks such as “Amazing God” and “Invade My Space,” among others.

See the video below;

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