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[VIDEO + AUDIO] “Great God Good God” – Tommy Tush Ft. Toyin Olawale-Isaac

Great GOD Good GOD is an anthem of Worship and a pure sound from a heart that loves God, knows his worth and decides to brag about him. It is such a powerful song that launches you into an explosive intimate experience with Jesus.

It’s a simple sing-along worship piece that resonates with the heart. The 4G Anthem is a Psalm God is releasing through Tommy Tush.

“”Great God, Good God” is a song we’ve been singing in my church – HarvestHouse Christian Center for the past 11 years; since God gave me the song to me at a choir rehearsal. Since then many people have loved the song. Its blessed a whole lot of people and it has gone round many nations. It’s a blessing to finally get the song officially out”.

“It transformed our Worship in church and I believe it will be the same heavenly experience everywhere its sang. It’s my desire that everyone would love and Honor God the more as the words of this song are declared”. – Tommy

This simple and pure Psalm of Worship will definitely be a blessing to you.

Tommy featured sweet Psalmist, worship leader and singer Toyin Olawale-Isaac on this song.

This song was recorded LIVE at The Alpha Cathedral of HarvestHouse and produced by Gbade Adetisola of KlinMix. The video was recorded by Twim Productions and Owambe TV.

From our homes to Worship centers to hospitals and to business zones; let the sound of God’s goodness and greatness be heralded and let the miracles begin; as the 4G Anthem goes to the World.

The 4G Anthem is available on iTunes and other digital outlets.





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