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[VIDEO & AUDIO] ‘Halleluyah’ – Bimitan

United Kingdom based artiste – Bimitan returns with the release of her new single titled “Halleluyah”; along with an undeniably energetic visual treatment.

“Halleluyah” is from the Hebrew word “Hallel”, which means “Praise” in song, and “Jah” or “Yah” meaning “God”. So the word “Halleluyah” means to praise God in song or boast of God in songs.

“We will dance for joy as sing sing Halleluyah to the Most High God” – Bimitan shares

See the video below;



Bimitan grew up in Nigeria and later moved to UK in her teenage years. Her love for music is deeply rooted in the Soul, Gospel, Pop genres.

She started writing songs from the age of 16 and is hoping to share and the journey of sound through the music she makes.


YouTube | Facebook | Instagram: @bimiadeofficial
Twitter: @bimiade1

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