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[VIDEO & AUDIO] “Holy Fire” – Fait Favour

Nigerian music minister, singer and songwriter, Fait Favour released another new single which she titled Holy Fire,” one of the singles off her last released EP titled “At Your Feet.”

The song “Holy Fire” is a beckon of a child unto his Father. It is an expression of hope. It is a supplication which admits man’s fallibility and God’s supremacy, that when the Spirit comes with the fire, we are quickened. Holy Fire is also a cry of intercession and blessing to humanity.

“Stoke those flames and get on fire for God to win souls. Get on fire for God to get that scholarship, to achieve greatness. Get on fire for God to remain in Holiness… Holy Fire burn me till I do! May your Joy never end as you burn for God… Amen.” – Fait Favour

See the video below;

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