[VIDEO & AUDIO] “I Have Overcome” – Aghogho

Aghogho, a versatile singer and songwriter based in Abuja, introduces a compelling new sound titled “I Have Overcome.”

More than just a catchy and groovy melody, “I Have Overcome” carries a prophetic resonance. It taps into the power of affirmations and declarations, reminding us that our words shape our reality. Through this vibrant rhythm, we celebrate our victories, rejoicing in the understanding that God’s Word places us in a position of advantage.

In a world riddled with uncertainties and engulfed by various challenges, fear, and anxiety often find their way into our lives. However, as believers, we stand firm in our faith, knowing that we are more than conquerors. The song’s powerful message echoes the truth that we are seated above all powers and principalities, shielded and set apart by a higher authority.

The chorus resounds with affirmations of triumph and faith, capturing the essence of the song:

“I have overcome,
There is no more sickness, no more pain they are all gone
I have overcome
There is no more sorrow, I’ve got joy like a fountain”

Aghogho’s “I Have Overcome” is not just a musical creation but an anthem of victory, an embodiment of the faith that propels us beyond the challenges of life. Through its engaging melody and faith-infused lyrics, the song echoes our eternal stance of overcoming and triumphing in Christ.

See the video below;



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