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[VIDEO & AUDIO] “Na Only You” (Keke Dike) – Chike Kevin

Amongst the Covid19 Pandemic, spiritually armed and shooting for the heart, Houston based Nigerian Gospel singing sensation – Chike Kevin has much to offer on his latest music single – “Na Only You” (Keke Dike).

Chike Kevin is making the most of his time in isolation at home by recording messages of Hope in an attempt to help people balance the immense loss many are facing with the more mundane changes to daily lives

Keke Dike is an absolute gospel musical work of art. The harmony on this project is unbelievably heavenly, emotionally uplifting and spiritually exhilarating

“The harmony on this project is unbelievably heavenly and each chord has a spiritual punch to it, that only an artist like me can deliver.”

There’s a lot going on in the world today, I hope my song cuts deep and it’s felt by people to remember what is really important, which is God and us! That’s all we have got; everything else at the end of the day will not matter, whether politics, status among others. Every song I write, is personal and the state of my heart.”

“The music on this project in itself is remarkably impressive. I found myself wanting to sing along to the tunes over and over again; especially the Keke Dike part”. – Chike Kevin



See the video below;


Instagram: @chikekevin
Twitter: @chike_kevin

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