[VIDEO & AUDIO] ‘SMILE’ (“See Miracles in Life Everyday”) – Same Oshodi

S.M.I.L.E is an acronym for “See Miracles in Life Everyday”. This is the exact attitude expected of believers when the Bible says, “Count it all joy when you meet trials of various kinds…”

The message of this inspiring single from the twin gospel music act, Same Oshodi, is that we should stay hopeful irrespective of the circumstances because God has got us and the test of our faith will only produce steadfast results that will end in praise.

S.M.I.L.E. which means Seeing Miracles in Life Everyday, turned out to be the song that lifted them out of the sorrow of losing their mother in June, 2022. They decided to record and release the song as a comfort to those that may be going through difficult times.

SMILE, produced by SMJ, is a blessing! A reminder that no matter what may be happening, there is always a reason to look forward to miracles every day. The sun will shine again, the waves will be calm, the good times will return, and there will be a turnaround, but pending the emergence of the good times, you can SMILE through what you are going through. You are more than the situation trying to weigh you down, and the enemy can’t steal your joy. SMILE!

The song was produced by a prolific music producer, SMJ, and the lyric video was curated by Oyez. Enjoy!

See the video below;




In recent years, there has been an unbalanced wave of different events in the lives of the gospel act, Same Oshodi. After their emergence as one of the top contestants in the popular music competition, Soundcheck by Tim Godfrey, and releasing songs like Alade Ogo and Olorire, the silence that followed and the series of situations that unrolled afterward, though difficult, yielded the best result.

Their new song, SMILE, was written during those times when they were unsure about what could happen the next day. The lyrics of the song detail how they overcame difficult times and how they kept the good ones going.

Same Oshodi has been captivating the hearts of many from the early age of six. They are known for their composition prowess, their music-writing gifts, and the power of their voices. They have worked with renowned musicians like Faze and other music industry legends.


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