[VIDEO] “Holy Fire” – Fait Favour

Fait Favour is out with the official video for the single “Holy Fire”, off her EP – “At Your Feet” which was released last year.

The song “Holy Fire” is a beckon of a child unto his Father. it is an expression of hope. It is a supplication which admits man’s fallibility and God’s supremacy, that when the Spirit comes with the fire, we are quickened. Holy Fire is also a cry of intercession and blessing to humanity.

Fait Favour uses the video to curtail the tone and mood of the song within nature in order to depict the awesomeness and beauty of the Fire. It is a fire that purges and purifies so as to bring out newness. The Bible says: “All flesh is grass and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field”, waiting for the breath of the Almighty upon it. This is in the similitude of the operation of the Fire.

“The fire of the Lord is a holy pure fire. Seek God in all you do; this holy pure fire will sustain you if you can always be “at the feet of Jesus Christ.” Become a flame of fire with God in this journey of life. Holy Fire burn me, till I do!” – Fait Favour

See the video below;



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