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[VIDEO] “We Break Out” – Euphony Bond Music Ft. Constance Iroele

Euphony Bond Music features music minister Constance Iroele in a spontaneous new music video titled “We Break Out”.

“We are in the Light; so when we speak, we see. Today We speak light and we see light.” – EBM

Euphony Bond Music vision is to make space for folks that would otherwise live in their own separate world. To break the unspoken rules that exists in the religious gospel world. To be a mega form for a community of creatives that has been pushed to the margin of the industry of church music.

What brings us together is that love for humanity, and sound that connects us the first time you hit play. It’s the audacious sound of true belonging; the beautiful harmony of one lost family. Not just the church but the world needs a strong diverse voice carrying a message that can help reshape the world. We’re now aware of the deep need for people who want to be to be real and be truly loved.

This is a community for the Churched, Unchurched and De-Churched. You should be a part of this movement.

Constance breathe fresh air to spontaneous music.

See the video below;


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