[NEWS] ​Apostle Suleiman Sent Eight Million Naira – Leo Mezie

Following the allegations on Apostle Suleiman by a lady named Stephenie Otobo on a sex scandal and from another lady who recently alleged sex/marriage with the apostle, some benefactors like Leo Mezie (male) who benefited from the Apostle’s benevolence speaks out in support on how he sent him eight million naira to clear his medical bills when he was sick even without them meeting.
Read below and see most hidden help provided by the apostle you probably wouldn’t know unless mentioned now by a benefactor;

I have been reading different stories from different medium on apostle Sulaiman and one Stephenie Otobo and the different comments.

Some people were even saying why will apostle send money  to someone he has never met.

My heart bleeds because apostle Suleiman never met me before he helped me.

I have never heard of him or met him before and immediately he heard my story he verified it and contacted me.

This is a man I have never seen or heard of and he sent me 8million to settle my medical bills in UK.

He was also constantly checking on me & even sent members of his church in UK to always check up on me, Pastor Ejiro and Pastor Daniella Williams to mention but a few.

Immediately, I returned I went to see him to thank him. So saying why must he send money to someone he hasn’t seen doesn’t make sense.

Note, the Apostle Suleiman I know and I’ve met several times doesn’t travel alone he goes with a large entourage any where he goes in the word.

Secondly,  Apostle Suleiman  is so proud of his family and his wife in particular is a sermon in his mouth.

Thirdly, Apostle Suleiman  maybe friendly and extremely jovial but will never ever take indecent pictures of himself or with anybody as this Stephenie Otobo  is claiming.

Fourthly,  his generosity and act of giving will not kill him or put him in trouble  not one million Stephenie otobos will stop him because  it is his call to service. I Leo mezie is a benefactor of it!

Finally,  I will rather not curse Stephenie Otobo  but I will pray for her that the good Lord will show her mercy in Jesus name Amen!

Another comment from Frankline Madichie, he wrote;

It’s time for Christians to wake up and defend their fate. John the Baptist in the Bible confronted king Herold without fear, knowing the implications… Please before you judge Apostle Johnson Suleiman, ask God to open your eyes to know the truth.

The Bible says my people perish for lack of knowledge and also remember that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, spiritual weakedness in high places.

If you are a Christian irrespective of your faith alliance and denomination, please pray for Apostle Suleiman.

The battle against Christians is not for him alone to fight. Most Pastors and Men of God are Silent about this Southern Kaduna killings.

I am a Catholic, but will never stop praying for him. Don’t forget to pass this message.

In another post made by Georgina Onuoha;

Before you come embarrass yourself on my write up, think twice!! And give me evidence showing that you are without sin and confess yours publicly first on my page. So be warned!!

It is time for Nigerian media and blogs to have some decorum. I am still waiting for Nigerian bloggers to carry this story but I’m yet to see.

Only God who lives in secret place, sees things done secretly. Leo Mezie was almost dead from failed kidney, Apostle Johnson saved his life by giving him 8 million naira according to leo without knowing him. Majority of our colleagues Male and Female are benefactors of this man’s goodness and kindness.

Go through his events and videos you will see almost all of Nollywood around him. He is known for blessing actors with cars and starting business for them. He is a friend to majority of us plus including me. Majority of Nollywood players travel to his events home and abroad, people stuck him in towns and hotels wherever he lodges to preach or pray asking for prayers and help. He has supported majority of us. Seeing all these makes my heart bleed.

No man is perfect. We live in a world were it is easy to make and break people and have angry mobs clap because they feel entertained. It is sad!! Let any of you that have not sinned be the first to cast a stone at him and his ministry. Do we know what our priests, prophets, pastors, Imam, and numerous spiritual leaders do? Most of us don’t even know what our significant others do right under our nose, yet we laugh, curse and feel entertained at other people’s pain and difficult moments.

May almighty God grant us and this nation Wisdom. My people perish for lack of wisdom. Jesus we adore was called names, because he kept the company of Mary Magdalena known as a prostitute guess what? She was the first to see him after his resurrection.

Where are all the Nollywood benefactors of this preacher? Males and Females, old stars and upcoming ones? We all see your pictures with him. You all are now radio silence? May God have mercy on us all. May God heal all involved in this.

By Law, all are deemed innocent until found guilty by law not angry mobs.

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