[VIDEO & AUDIO] ‘Akoro’ – Mr. M & Revelation Ft. Able C

Indigenous music group Mr M & Revelation has once again captivated audiences with their latest release, ‘Akoro,’ featuring the talented Able C. Recorded amidst the fervent atmosphere of the 24-hour No Limit Worship event in Enugu, this new song is a testament to the group’s commitment to blending traditional sounds with contemporary worship.

With its roots deeply embedded in the indigenous highlife genre, ‘Akoro’ serves as a melodic offering of worship and adoration to the one True God. Through soul-stirring rhythms and heartfelt lyrics, Mr M & Revelation invite listeners on a journey of spiritual elevation, where the benefits of dwelling in God’s presence are magnified and celebrated.

In the Igbo language, ‘Akoro’ simply means to speak of, and this song eloquently speaks of the majesty and glory of God. As the captivating melodies envelop the listener, they are transported to a sacred realm where praises resound and hearts are stirred. With Able C’s distinctive vocals adding depth and resonance to the composition, ‘Akoro’ becomes more than just a song—it is a divine encounter, a testament to the power of Indigenous music to inspire and uplift.

Through this musical offering, Mr M & Revelation invite all who listen to join in the chorus of adoration, proclaiming the greatness of the Almighty in every beat and every note.

See the video below;



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