[VIDEO & AUDIO] ‘Master’ – Prince Dayo

Prince Dayo is out with a new single titled “Master”, a testament to the omnipotence and grace of the Almighty.

In the quiet moments of reverence in 2015, Prince Dayo found himself enveloped in the presence of the Divine. As his heart overflowed with gratitude and adoration, the melody of “Master” began to form within him.

The lyrics of “Master” tell a story of surrender and awe, capturing the essence of Prince Dayo’s spiritual journey. Each verse is a proclamation of faith, a declaration of unwavering trust in the guiding hand of God. Through trials and triumphs, doubts and uncertainties, the chorus resounds with assurance: “You are the Master, ruler of my life, in Your hands I find my strength, my hope, my light.”

The song’s melody rises and falls like waves of devotion, carried by the richness of Prince Dayo’s voice and the soul-stirring harmonies of his choir. With every note, listeners are transported to a sacred space, where the divine presence is palpable and all-consuming.

“Master” is more than just a song; it’s a spiritual journey set to music, a testament to the transformative power of faith and the boundless love of the Divine. Through its timeless message of surrender and trust, it continues to inspire hearts and uplift souls, inviting all who hear it to surrender to the Master’s guiding hand.

See the video below;



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