[DOWNLOAD] ‘The Lion and the Lamb’ – Roland Olaniyi

Fast rising gospel music minister Roland Olaniyi is out with a beautiful pieve “The Lion and the Lamb”. The Lion and the Lamb is a soul lifting song declaring God’s supremacy and total adoration to Him as Lord. The song has production credit by ace music producer SunnyPee.

Roland Olaniyi is  music minister, music director and a multi talented  instrumentalists. He attended Panam Percy Paul’s music school and has had privilege of ministering along side with the gospel Legend, Dr panam Percy Paul. He is currently serving as a music director in Dunamis Church branch.

Roland hails from  Oyo state, but born and brought up in Jos Plateau State were He  started his music journey, He is a graduate of  Plateau State Polytechnic.

He is married to  Esther Olaniyi and  blessed with two lovely kids.


Twitter: Roland Francis
Facebook: Roland Yemi Roland


[DOWNLOAD] ‘Emmanuel’ – De Ambassadors

EMMANUEL is a popular Efik/Ibibio worship song, rearranged by Dani Andi and performed by De AMBASSADORS courtesy Holyghost Ambassadors Ministry.

It is a prayer and a cry to the Almighty God to raise an altar for a covenant of Preservation, Good health, Protection, Deliverance, Prosperity, Divine Help, Breakthrough etc.

EMMANUEL is a blend of African and Western Contemporary Music, it features African instruments such as Abang, Nsak, lbid, Ntakọrọk and Western instruments such as Drum, Keyboard and Bass guitar.

Mixed and Mastered by Kemzy Kem
Music Arrangements (Strings, Pads, piano) by Ukeme ‘kembo’ Usanga and Segun Akintoye, Bass by Uwem ‘fleck’ Essien


Twitter | Instagram | Facebook: @DEAmbassadors

[DOWNLOAD] ‘Winning’ – Jahdiel

Popular gospel artist Jahdiel comes your way again with another dynamic sound. This is different from the usual sound she puts out and it is called ‘Winning’ and tagged #WeekdayGospel.

The song preaches resilience and the attitude of always winning no matter what comes your way. The song would definitely bless you and teach you how to win through every round.

This is definitely the Gospel suitable for the weekday.


Twitter: @Jahdielofficial
Instagram: @Jahdielofficial

[DOWNLOAD] ‘Odi Uko Na Mba’ – Oge

Ogechukwu Elizabeth is a sensational minstrel whose passion is solely singing and she is committed to the life style of sincere worship to God. She hails from the eastern part of Nigeria. Discovered her singing and writing skills at the age of 14. She is graced to lead the people into an atmosphere of intense worship .

A talented spokenword artist , teacher and counsellor. She has diverse repertoire of music genre such as Rock , Jazz, Highlife , Reggae, Hip hop , contemporary worship/praise and metal.

Artist who influence Ogechukwu includes; Kim Burell , Onos Ariyo , Donnie McClurkin , Whitney Houston , Todd Dulaney and Jennifer Hudson.

Ogechukwu adores nature and always makes an effort improving on them , she loves to create something out of nothing and practically loves cooking .

Born to sing and not just breed great singers but sincere worshippers who would worship God in Spirit and in Truth. For Oge, Music is a second god after her creator .

“I am simply in Love with Music and would never get tired . Writing songs and poems aswell as ministering them gives me extreme joy.”

Ogechukwu Elizabeth – An Amazing life and musical career still being written ……

What inspired the song (Odi uko na mba)?

“Odi Uko Na Mba” came as a result of my great search on finding an entity on earth who Equates God , considering his personality , his ways and deeds . Great heros and legends have come and gone , made remarkable marks yet none compares to him . I simply gave him Odi uko na mmba because he is rare to find amongst the living and he is simply one in a million.


Twitter: @ogemild
Instagram: oge_mild
Facebook Page: Ogemildmusic

[DOWNLOAD] ‘Higher’ – Kennykingz

Rivers born gospel artist Kennyking peterside, also known as KENNYKINGZ, is out with a this beautiful piece HIGHER. With a unique style of music, Kennykingz did not disappoint on this track.

According to Kennykingz; “Higher Is a song that expresses our victory in Christ. Haven’t been mocked by people, challenges of life, friends and family members and even church members, and yet God saw how you’ve been beating down and low, and still decides to lift you high and above all your storms and shame. It’s enough to sing a song of testimony to encourage others in such challenges. Higher, is a song of testimony.”


Twitter: @kennykingpeter1

[DOWNLOAD] ‘Biko’ – Josy Nasy

After releasing the ground breaking single ‘Jolly‘, Josy Nasy comes yet with another banger titled BIKO. Biko is another motive of the sonorous singer to try to extol, eulogize the amazing work of God in her life and chronicling the testimonies thereof.

With a beat laced with a very strong Afro-centric feel, the Chimbalin produced track promises to be another banger and a darling tune for both our ear buds and our soul.

Cop this tune and listen!


Facebook: Josy Nasy
Instagram: @JosyNasy213
Twitter: @NancyjJoseph