[INTERVIEW] Meet US Based Nigerian Gospel Artist – ‘Racheal’

Here are some interesting things you need to know about US based Nigerian Gospel artist Racheal, based on an interview with Naija Gospel World.

Racheal whose full name is Racheal Ijeoma Okafor is a Gospel Artiste based in the United States is America, born on Jan 17th. She hails from IMO State Nigeria, born and raised in Lagos Nigeria.

Racheal is a member of jubilee Christian Church (stoughton ma)

She is a Graduate of healthcare studies, biology and social work From The University of Salem in Massachusetts.

She also work as Site director and human rights advocate outside Music she is happily married.

Below are interesting reponds from Racheal about himself!

– How did you start singing?
I started singing in “glory Christian center- apapa” at the age of 10. Before I joined the choir, I would go home every Sunday from church and mine songs just like the worship leader who sang in church. I just remember being Drawn to the choir and would refuse to stay in the teenage class because I wanted to watch and listen to the choir. The gift was there but I also found the passion and love for music from listening to the church choir.

I moved on to the redeemed Christian church of God (revelation sanctuary- ikotun, Lagos) where I met my best friend (Regina Agbaje) who pushed me even further by playing the guitar for me and listening to me practice.

– What inspired you to take up music as a career?
Growing up in a church like “glory Christian center” that loved and appreciated music/worship, made me understand the power of music. Also, when I was younger, my father would always preach about the man who gave his servants talents. While some worked to multiply the talent, one set at did nothing with his but bury it (Matthew 25:14-30). The minute I became aware of my gift, then I became afraid of being the servant who would bury her gift. All I ever knew growing up was how to love, serve and appreciate God through music.

– What are your challenges as a Gospel artiste & how do you cope with them?
I have not personally experienced any challenges with being a gospel artist. Being able to affect people through music alone is very satisfying for me.

– Outside singing, what other talents do you have in music & outside music?

Song writing. Outside of music, I am specially skilled in hair styling/making, cooking, crotchet/knitting outfits/items.

– What are the things you like & dislike in people?
I like honesty and empathy in people
I dislike dishonesty

– What is that one thing you do that makes you feel fulfilled or want to do that will make you feel fulfilled?
Singing and making music makes me very fulfilled. Being chosen by God to minister his faithfulness through music is satisfying: Being able to affect people through music is mind blowing I must say.

Outside of music, the work that I do is also one that gives me so much self satisfaction from advocating for individuals with developmental disabilities to providing counseling.


[INTERVIEW] Meet Sierra Leone Based Nigerian Gospel Artist Uche Youngstar

Uche Youngstar (1)

Here are some interesting things you need to know about Sierra Leone based Nigerian Gospel artist Uche Youngstar, when he was interviewed by NaijaGospelWorld.

Uche Youngstar whose full name (real name) is Uche Ogbonnaya is a Gospel Artiste based in Sierra Leone, He Was born on the 5th may, He hails from Ebonyi State Nigeria, He was born and raised in Onuafo Enuagu Onicha Local Government.

Uche Youngstar is a member of new harvest global ministry church SL, He is a business man outside music.

Uche is the CEO of YOUNGSTAR WORLDWIDE COMPANY S.L*, see the interesting responds from to the questions he was asked;

Uche Youngstar (3)

– How did you start singing?
The first day I sang in a church was in 23rd January 2015
I never knew that I can sing well, but I was moved by the way people praised my voice and there was a lot of testimonies on that great day, and that was the day I decided to be a minister for Christ.

– What inspired you to take up music as a career?
God planted the gift in me to be a musician. I am sure of that Cuz I found it easy to compose song and each song I composed always make an impact in people’s life. I see that as an assignment from God to me to sing life changing songs.

– what are your challenges as a Gospel artiste & how do you cope with them?
It’s not that easy especially when devoting all about me to God, the temptations all over the place, even some secular music companies have requested to sign me in as their artist with many promises, just trying to stop my dreams of singing gospel.

I know that I am made for what am made for, the word of God has been planted in me to preach to the nations.

Uche Youngstar (2)

– Outside singing, what other talents do you have in music & outside Music?
I play some instruments like keyboard, drums, bass gutter, and still learning more. I am also a song writer and a music director.

– What is that one thing you do that makes you feel fulfilled or want to do that will make you feel fulfilled?
Singing always gives me joy Or listening to some songs.

[INTERVIEW] “… impact lives and set standard in gospel music ministry – Udy Uche

FACEBOOK-HEADERIn our recent chit-chat with Udy Uche, Nigeria’s fast rising Contemporary gospel Artiste with focus on gospel rock and Inspirational music, the tall and huge gospel artiste opened up to us on his new project “You Got Me Covered” #YGMC, what we should expect in his upcoming single, and his plans for Gospel music in Nigeria and abroad.

Your Inspiration Behind The Name Udy Uche

The story behind the name Udy Uche is a funny one because I spent weeks with my team trying to craft out the perfect name but it didn’t work out until my Pastor Bishop Nick Iheanacho asked for my stage name and I told him Udy, he said “just That” I said yes then he shook his head and said “lets add Uche to Udy to make it Udy Uche. And boom!! that was how it happened.

How would you rate the Gospel Music In Nigeria

The gospel music in Nigeria is evolving and I’m proud to be part of the few people to bring in a standard in gospel music in Nigeria.


I would love to define my music journey with these words in the scriptures;…the favor of the Lord our Go be upon us, and establish the works of our hands(Psalm 90:7)

YGMC-4Now, this means that the lord has blessed me with the talent of singing, not just singing but singing the gospel. He has established the works of my hands with his favour, so my mandate is to propagate his goodness through my music, singing to the weak, the feeble and broken-hearted, enabling them to have hope in hopeless situation, also see the light at the end of the tunnel, and like a candle, my light cannot be hidden. So, I will light up this world with my music, I will let them see Jesus in the eyes of my songs, I will preach the good tidings through my records, and you know what? Like he has said in that book of Psalms, his favor, his grace will make remaining part of my demands in Christ Jesus settled.

Apart from this, I see myself in few years to come as someone who would make an impact to lives and set a standard in the gospel music industry in Nigeria and in the world at large.


“You Got Me Covered” is the first record that I am going to put out there, and I am just emotionally attached to it. That said, for me; this is not just a song but an “ASSURANCE” that we have a coverage as children of God. A Coverage that is unconditional and undeniable. I want to pass a message to children of God, that no matter what we might be going through, there’s always a covering and it can only get better.


You Got Me Covered Is a very simple contemporary gospel rock song, the kind of sound that is not common in this part of the world but very simple to relate with. There is a part in the song that will connect everyone, and for a babe in Christ that is in search, I’ve got this for them; there is a pure, undiluted and relational message in the song which is; no matter what you are going through, God has got you, your life and future well covered.

Udy Uche; Contemporary gospel Artiste with focus on gospel rock and Inspirational music


First of all, i want to say big kudos to my team who had planned that exclusive listening session up for “You Got Me Covered”. To be sincere, i had an amazing experience to seat with people, who had first hand listen to my song while they reviewed it right in front of me. I could relate to how they felt while listening, their emotions, how the song hit them, and how they assimilated it. It was an incredible moment. We also took note of the little foxes in the production of the song, and i and Mac Roc – my producer, had gone back to fix those issues up immediately after the session.

Udy Uche with the attendees at #YGMC listening session


YGMC-1The list is not long, I want to work with Nathaniel Bassey, Tim Godfery, Eben, Victoria Orenze, Freke Umoh, Samsong, and outside Nigeria, I want to work with Travis Greene, and maybe Micah Stampley


I am bringing in simplicity with the genre ‘Gospel Rock’. my music will be simplified with hope, faith and love in Christ with God’s assurance in place. The type of music that everyone can relate with. The type that the sick in our society will listen to and strength will wail up in their bone, the one that will make the weak strong and will also build the poor with enough believe to go out there and win the wealth of life back with work. My music will inspire and motivate a lot of people into success.


I do not have any special defining moment. Every time, I sleep, wake up and see a bright new day, that is all I require to define me, because I have not done anything special to deserve the gift of life, but God is faithful. However, so long as I live, I breathe, I am just defined. I am defined by his mercies and grace to be alive. Just to let you know that God has got me covered on the daily. This is how well I define my moment in life.

Udy Uche at the listening session of #YGMC

Apart from music, what other thing Do You enjoy Doing Most

I love making money (business) and helping people.

How do you prefer you Jollof, with chicken or with Asun

Chicken all day.


I have begun a journey, a journey into singing my way into the hearts of men with gospel music. It will not be easy, I am sure I will face obstacles, resistance, crisis and all other vices in this world, but I am sure and confident of this very thing; God has GOT ME COVERED.

RANDOM-UDYUdy Uche is Nigeria’s fast rising Contemporary Gospel Artiste with focus on gospel rock and Inspirational music.


Facebook: Udy Uche
Instagram | Twitter: @Udy_Uche

[INTERVIEW] Meet Very Inspiring Ireland Based Beautiful Nigerian Gospel artiste, Nkem Dike

Very inspiring ireland based Naija gospel artiste Nkem Dike talks about her child hood, life as a single mother of three (3), her business and music career in an interview with NaijaGospelWorld correspondent.

Read interview below:

Who is Nkem Dike? 

Res: Nkem Dike is a Dublin based dynamic song writer and gospel artist. She is also a multi passionate entrepreneur who’s goal and vision is to be a channel of blessing and impact positively as many lives that cross her part. She is the CEO of 2 Cute Cakes.

Tell me about your childhood, where did you spend your childhood?

Res: Was born and bred in Port-harcourt. Spent my childhood days mostly in PH  and occasionally in Warri during holidays as my dad worked there.
My childhood was fun growing up with my 6 siblings( 3 brothers and 3 sisters), though sometimes we often fight  and get into arguments but home was lively. 
Growing up, I was very introverted and shy, Im still shy so that kind of made me withdrawn from others but I guess that helped me develop in my song writing skills.

Is your father an indigene of Rivers State?

Res: No, my father is an indigene of Awka in Anambra state.

Tell me about your personal life & and family

Res: Born into a family of 7, the 3rd girl and 5th child, so I call myself the Grace child(5)… I love dancing and singing but when not engrossed in that, I bake delicious cakes. I’m the CEO of 2Cute Cakes, a Dublin cake company specializes in homemade cakes.. I’m a single mother of 3 adorable children.
I’m also a speaker and the author of The Empowered Me, a personal development book available in amazon and many online bookstores.

What is it like being a single mother of three?
What are the challenges & how do you cope with them?

Res: Phew!! Very challenging, a lot of hard work especially when they are teenagers, but  they are the most amazing gift from God, and they are my Why..
Challenges is that teenagers these days have a mind of their own and would always want to have their ways, but we have built a relationship whereby we are open and free to talk about any and everything so my kids are very free with me. That helps in dealing with challenges as they come.

Let’s talk about your career.
When did you start singing?

Res: Started singing at a young age, got into my secondary school choir, then church choir and have grown from there

Which church?

Res: The first church choir I joined was Faith Life Ministries in Rumumasi PH…currently serving as the praise/ worship leader of Hope and Glory ministries Dublin

When did decide to take it up as a career?
& what inspired you to take it up as a career?

Res: It has been my side career really while joggling other things but I decided to fully focus and be a blessing to others after I got a revelation from God’s word that says *you are the light of the world. That hit me. If I don’t shine my light, some people will remain in darkness, so they need my light to find their path, people are dependant on me. So that inspired me to really use my gift.

What are your greatest challenges as gospel Artist?

Res: The church not fully supporting and promoting gospel artists. They trivialize the gift of gospel artists and that can be very challenging but thank God for some who have placed value on the gifts of artist to support and promote their works.

Lastly, What advice do you have for other gospel Artists? Especially those looking up to you

Res: To always seek the face of God and get their inspiration from him irrespective of the latest style of music. Stay teachable and hungry for God’s presence and glory…that’s what makes the difference.
Lastly, no matter who they admire and aspire to be like. They should be their true to their authentic self.

Nkem Dike has an album to her credit with beautiful hit songs like “Imela Nna, Igwe, Thank you & Champion” Album available on every online digital stores. 

A Supernatural Interception! Isabella Recalls The Divine Moment That Birthed “Hallel” 

It is no doubt that Isabella is one of the finest female Gospel artistes of Nigerian descent. An ever sprouting vessel of worship, so much that she was labelled the ‘Lady of Songs’ and ‘Isabella Melodie’ – all tags pointing to the ceaseless fountain of in-depth adulation from which she draws her inspiration.

The quintessence of Gospel music diva, Isabella is a shining example who balances the spiritual essence of the music ministry with aesthetics and professionalism flawlessly. Her many awards, books and other milestone achievements are testimonials of the premise.

Isabella, released the critically acclaimed single ‘Hallel’ few days ago and the impact has beckoned on her to tell the inspiring tale of the beautiful – yet divine – moment when the song was conceived.  She sits with Alex Amos for a brief chat and if a picture can tell a thousand words, then the words captured in a moment can reveal a thousand things!

Aside the Hallel-story, Isabella reveals plans for 2 new albums, with production credits to Wilson Joel & Niyi P respectively, a new video directed by Uvi Orogun is also on the way. Moreover, she speaks on her stance on mentorship, family and lots more in this interesting chat.

She did not mince words when she describe the reception of “Hallel” as ‘incredible’ while speaking on the inspiration behind the single.

’Hallel’ was released on Monday 24 April and the response has been beyond incredible.” Isabella said. “Hallel” was received during a studio session when we were actually working on a different song. This happened whilst I was visiting in Abuja, November last year. One of my daughters (in ministry), Gracia and her husband, Michael, who is a gifted songwriter, came to visit me. During that visit, he told me he had written a song for me as a gift and that he would like me to record the song in the studio. They arranged with a Producer, Niyi P, for us all to come to the studio to record the song. Due to the fact that my time in Nigeria was so short, it was far from convenient for me. Moreover the Lord has given me hundreds of songs that are yet to be produced so my natural response would have been to cancel the appointment.

Anyway, we ended up at the studio that night. It was during the arranging and recording of that song that I suddenly began to sense and hear another sound. Almost immediately I knew without doubt that this was a divine moment. I was literally jolted up from where I was sitting and I began to pace around, breaking out in tongues. I could see and hear the sound clearly. The sound and words (Hallel in groups of four) looked like clusters floating in the heavenlies, almost like they were waiting for someone to grab them! I stopped the other song and asked the producer to keep playing as I was hearing a sound. As I started releasing the sound I was hearing, the anointing fell right there in the studio. That’s how “Hallel” was received. Unplanned and unexpected. And I haven’t stopped singing it ever since.

Although I live in the UK and could have produced the song in more sophisticated studios, I was led to work with the same producer in whose studio the song was received.”

Reacting to the feedback, Abuja based producer Niyi-P, affirms the experience saying:

“My experience working with mama was awesome, till now I am still feeling the aroma of the grace of God in her life”.

Another Gospel artiste Gracia who was in the studio during the recording, confirms Niyi P’s assessment.

“The power and tangible presence of God was visible in the  studio that day. Still revelling in that one experience. Now I understand the term ‘anointed minstrel’ better.

As an offshoot from the release of ‘Hallel”, Isabella has got a lot in the pipe for the year 2017, which includes 2 new albums and a video.

“I recently finished working on my 7th and 8th album.” She explained, “The 7th album titled “Indescribable (The Complete Album)” has a total of thirteen songs, all produced by Wilson Joel (Music Magnate of Doxology Studios).  I recently shot the official video and directed by Uvi Orogun to the first single titled “Omnipotent God” from that album. I will be releasing release the single in July.

“The 8th album titled “A New Beginning” has a total of ten songs, all produced by an Abuja based producer named Niyi P.  “Hallel” is the first single to be released off that project.

“Both projects are now complete and I am excitedly looking forward to sharing the songs with the world. I do love both albums but they are very different sound-wise. “Indescribable” is more contemporary, edgy and universally appealing. On the other hand, “A New Beginning” is more spiritually stirring and more intimate. Having recorded seven albums before it, I can honestly say that I had my most memorable intimate worship moments in the studio whilst recording “A New Beginning”.”

…and just when we thought we’ve gotten Isabella to give us a tell-all chat, she kept a few tricks up her sleeve.

“Both albums have a surprising twist with the last few songs in the albums. I had a bit of an adventure recording those songs but I guess you’d have to wait to find out what the twists are!” Talk about building an intense anticipation!

Isabella was not as acquiescent as one would have presumed a multi-award winning Gospel singer, songwriter and author would have been to give her perception where her brand is concerned. She is of the opinion that “our perception of ourselves can sometimes be very far removed from the reality of how we are perceived externally.”

Nevertheless, as a mentor, Isabella sees herself as reasonably accessible, amiable and relatable person. According to her, “everyone is valuable to God. No one is indispensable and the most important thing one will be remembered by at the end of the day is how they impacted lives (positively or negatively). Those who leave lasting legacies are the ones who genuinely prioritize and invest in people.”

“I do mentor a number of Gospel artists and I do also have a mentor.” She continued. “I take that responsibility very seriously as these people are very important to God’s heart. I consciously and deliberately create time for my mentees. I commit to not just counselling them but praying for them and with them individually as much as possible. I prioritise relationships.”

Isabella’s who did not grow up as a church girl said her liberal years while growing up makes her more sympathetic and a better counsellor as far as ministry goes.

“Due to the fact that I didn’t grow up as a church girl, I had the opportunity to experience life differently from some others who had always been in church.  I think my exposure (to worldly ways and lifestyle) and liberal orientation helped shape me to be less judgmental, more sympathetic of human weakness and more compassionate towards those who have personal or private struggles. I am open minded and able to offer practical counsel without over-spiritualizing everything.”

Isabella is also notable for her sense of fashion.

“I’ve always loved fashion. Not outrageous fashion but I do take pride in my femininity and love to look graceful & elegant. I am blessed that I have my sister as my stylist and fashion designer so I get a lot of stuff for free! (laughs). I think God has blessed African women with a certain body shape, which ironically, our cultural mindset tends to openly condemn but secretly admire! I am bringing this up because the issue of ‘modesty’ in dressing has always been a sticking point for Christian women, especially in Africa.  But that’s a topic for another day. Let’s just say I am not averse to people being trendy.  As long as there are no private body parts on public display, I’m all for it!”

Isabella currently has six albums out with two more to be released shortly. Her first album was released in 2009 and the sixth one in 2015.

“The Lord granted me divine acceleration in ministry, for His glory. Along the way, I have been honoured by many awards which I don’t find necessary to list here. It has been a journey of growth to the glory of God. In addition to the albums, I have authored a book tiled “The Worshipper After The Father’s Heart”, foreworded by the American worship leader, Terry MacAlmon. I have also travelled extensively across the world for ministry, as God has opened doors in Africa, Europe and America. I am enjoying my adventure with the Lord. My relationship with Him is growing deeper and my love for Him is waxing stronger as I navigate my way through life with the help of the Holy Spirit.”

She believes more established Gospel acts who will genuinely commit their time, energy and resources for posterity sake and not as a publicity stunt or for selfish means, needs to take on the role of mentors for the upcoming ones in the ever expanding Gospel music ‘industry’. 

While she works on her new materials for the year, her itinerary keeps getting new entries as she has been billed to minister in England, Scotland, Italy, Holland, Texas and Maryland. She is also looking forward to be in Nigeria towards the end of the year.

We expect the unveiling of the album cover arts soon as work progresses on the graphics.

“The albums cover artworks are currently being designed and I am hoping to release the 7th album by November and the 8th one shortly afterwords. I’m also working on my next book titled “The Ministry of Wifehood.

Isabella and her husband Pastor Ogo celebrated their 22nd marriage anniversary in January of 2017 and with the wisdom gathered through experience, they have without a doubt earned the feathers of counsellors

“Myself and my husband have been married for 22 years. We have four children (young adults): two girls and two boys. Our first daughter who will turn 22 years this year graduated from university last year (2016) and our last son is 14 years old.

“My husband, Pastor Ogo, has indeed been the backbone of my ministry in the sense that God has used and is still using him tremendously to support and sustain the ministry financially and spiritually. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his unflinching support and I bless God for his life.”

Watch Lyrics Video:

Twitter: @isabellamelodie
Instagram: @isabellamelodies
Facebook: Isabella Ogo-Uzodike

[INTERVIEW] Why I begged Apostle Suleman – Stephanie Otobo’s mother

PREMIUM TIMES’ Festus Owete and Idris Ibrahim travelled to Sapele, Delta State, to speak with the mother of Canadian-based Nigerian woman, Stephanie Otobo, who accused the pastor of the Omega Fire Ministry, Auchi, Johnson Suleman, popularly called Apostle Suleman, of having amorous relationship with her.

For two days, attempts by our reporters to trace the mother, Bukky, to her home were unsuccessful. When finally located, it would take hours to convince her to speak with this newspaper.

Bukky explained why she apologised to Mr. Suleman, the formative years of her daughter, the allegation her daughter had marital introduction with Mr. Suleman, and other issues.


PT: You travelled to Auchi to attend a church service where you also apologised to Apostle Johnson Suleman. What prompted you to do that?

Bukky: I did that because of my daughter, (and) because I am a mother. The way I am seeing her is not the way I brought her up. And all those her character is not giving me happiness which I want to put an end to. That is why I went to Auchi.

PT: Did anybody threaten to arrest or kill you before you went there?

Bukky: No, nobody threatened me. It is because I am a mother. When I saw what was going on, the day you people came to the market I said I wanted to go and meet the man of God to apologise so that we can put an end to the matter. Because I know my daughter. I did not bring her up this way and the way she is behaving is not normal. So, I said I want to go and beg the man of God to forgive her so that this matter can die off. Because I cannot continue with this (and) the way I am seeing it, I don’t want anything of such to happen again. Nobody threatened to kill me or prompted me to do so. I went there on my own to apologise to man of God.

PT: I am asking because shortly after that church service, your daughter said on Instagram that you were threatened to go to Auchi.

Bukky: No, I was not threatened. I am a mother. I cannot continue to see her in that manner. She has been saying all sort of things. We are not happy and that is why I went to apologise. I went there alone; nobody threatened me.

PT: That implies that your daughter lied?

Bukky: Yes, because what she is saying is not true.

PT: How old is your daughter?

Bukky: I don’t want to answer that. 

PT: Don’t you think your daughter is old enough to take responsibility for her actions?

Bukky: What I am still saying is that they should pardon her and the matter should just go down like that. They should forgive this matter because they’ve been manipulating her because this is not her real self. She was not behaving like this before. It seems all those lawyers are manipulating her, using her to say all this rubbish and bringing all this things out. So I begged that this matter should die down now because this is not my real daughter. I believe somebody must have been manipulating her. All those lawyers (and) all those her friends are using her. This is not the way I brought her up because I brought many children up. They are not behaving like this. Somebody is brainwashing her, polluting her mind and that is what is making her to do all this things that she is doing now.

PT: You are accusing a lawyer for doing that?

Bukky: Yes, all those lawyers are using her to get their own names. They should leave my daughter alone. They should leave my daughter out of this matter. I am still talking about all those lawyers, they should leave my daughter alone.

PT: Can you mention names?

Bukky: I don’t know them but I believe that all those lawyers supporting her are using her. I am begging the government that they should leave my daughter alone. They should release my daughter from what they are doing to her.

PT: Do you know the lawyer they call Festus Keyamo or any lawyer from his chamber?

Bukky: I don’t know him and any lawyer from his chamber though they call me but I don’t know them.

PT: When the lawyers called you, what were they telling you?

Bukky: They asked me whether they came to arrest me or they forced me to say all those things when they came to my market. They also asked whether I was tortured. They came and said they want to ask me about my daughter, (but) I told them that I want to go and beg the man of God myself to die down the matter. That is what every mother will do. I don’t want to see my daughter destroyed. That is why I am saying that all those lawyers should leave my daughter and bring her out of this matter.

PT: You said you were going to beg the man of God, what were you afraid of?

Bukky: Well, we begged the man of God that he should forgive my daughter. You know when you call somebody a man of God, he can go to any length. So I don’t want the man of God to go to any length, to do any evil prayer because when we heard of it that time, this pastors’ association (South-South chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria) praying all their sorts of things. I cannot sit down here watching my daughter like that. That is why I said I want to go to the source to beg that man. Nobody tortured me. I went alone. I entered vehicle from Sapele to Auchi.

PT: So, was it the first time you went to Auchi?

Bukky: No, I have been to Auchi before.

PT: She (Stephanie) said Apostle Suleman held marriage discussions in the pastor’s office. Is it true?

Bukky: No, it is not true, nothing like marriage, I did not go there for marriage. No woman goes to collect dowry. That one na abomination.

PT: Did she ever tell you that she was pregnant?

Bukky: No, she never told me.

PT: Did she ever tell you that she was stooling blood for a year?

Bukky: No.

PT: So, when you heard about all these things, what was your first reaction as a mother?

Bukky: I really want to see that they bring my daughter back to me. I wanted her to come back to me that moment. I did not see her and that was why I said I was looking forward to seeing the man of God so that I can beg the man of God to forgive her (and) to cancel all this matter.

PT: Have you made any attempt to reach her so that you discuss with her?

Bukky: No.

PT: When she was growing up, what kind of child was she?

Bukky: She is not wayward, that is why what is happening is surprising me. Somebody is behind this matter because she was not like that before. She is a good child. She loved me and I love her. So, along the way, I don’t know what happened; that is why I said they are manipulating her, using something against her and I want every Nigerian to help me to pray, pray for her that God should deliver her.

PT: Do you know what she does in Canada where she lives?

Bukky: She was going to school before (and) she is a musician.

PT: Does she send you money?

Bukky: Before she dey send me money sometimes.

PT: What do you do for a living?

Bukky: I am a business woman.

PT: How many children do you have?

Bukky: Dem plenty, even the one I born, the one I no born, through herself I brought many of her friends up.

PT: Now if this matter goes to court, are you ready to go to court to testify?

Bukky: I don’t want to go to court, that is why I said they should cancel the matter.

PT: Do you have any advice for mothers?

Bukky: Well they should bring up their child in the way of God.

PT: Do you know anybody who is against your child and who is polluting her against the man of God?

Bukky: I don’t know anybody. Na the lawyer wey make her dey talk all this bad word. The lawyer should leave my daughter alone.

Source: Premium Times