A TV Program "Gospel Track Play", with La Bourse

This program shoulder by La Bourse from a cable network on My TV named “MESSIAH TELEVISION” for more than a quarter, sadly with the following responsibility.
  • To promote the kingdom
  • To exhibit gospel videos
  • To interview artist on success of the video and mission of the video
  • Promote beauty of the kingdom
  • To promote the making of gospel home video
  • To create advantage on getting blessed inspirational music for needed artist
  • To help promote new song to the market
What is La Bourse?
The organizations name ‘la bourse came from a French word meaning scholarships, award, gift and some other things student can enjoy while still in school. This organization is registered with the Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) in compliance with the companies and allied matters act 1990.
La Bourse Media Concepts in a non-government organization whose operations are funded from private purses, individual, corporate organizations etc. It commenced activities as an independent organization and waxing stronger by the day.
In a country like Nigeria with diverse culture, language and ethnic groups it is a continues effort towards unifying the entire populace in order to foster peace, unity and progress within the country and its neighboring countries
One of the efforts is the establishment of a lingual-franca environment in which English language has proven its worth over time in Nigeria.
As time goes on French language is gradually becoming widely applicable necessitating its acceptability generally.
Since the advent of the internet, the world has gradually metamorphosed into a global village allowing transaction and communication to be carried out from anywhere in the world at easy dispense. In ensuring that opportunities provided by the globalization does not elude us in our country or displace our country of her role played globally, it is important to acquire language skills and be motivated morally and materially.
This issue brought about the birth of an NGO organization called LA BOURSE MEDIA CONCEPTS, a French oriented organization solely concerned with the development of vibrant communication skills in French language.
LA BOURSE MEDIA CONCEPTS came into existence in the year 2006. And its founder ORISASONA SUNDAY OLUWASEUN  (E S Q) is inspired to affect our generation positively.
The organization has stepped into bigger challenge on the TV program “GOSPEL TRACK PLAY” with following proposal:
Local stations
Lagos State
  • MITV   – Friday and Sunday
  • GALAXY – Saturday and Sunday
  • TVC    – Tuesday
Ogun State:
  • OGTV   – Thursday to Friday
Oyo State
  • BCOS
  • NTA
  • MITV
Cable Networks
  • PBN
  • MBN
  • ACBN
For more information about Gospel track play:
146, Iju road, Fagba Bus stop, Agege, Lagos
Call:  08095795508


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