Abuja Pastor Killed My Wife With Holy Water – Husband Cries

A bereaved husband is battling the pastor of a spiritual church in the Ajegunle area of Mpape, Abuja:
The man’s wife was confirmed dead on Monday morning after drinking power water given to her by the pastor. A resident of the area said the women went with her friend to get the power water in the pastor’s house in the morning and that the pastor gave the water to the two friends for cleansing.
“The surviving lady told us that the pastor is known to be able to cure many diseases with his power water, so that morning the deceased went to the other girl’s house so that they can go to the pastor’s house to get the power water.
“As soon as she drank the Power Water, her eyes started bulging; she started vomiting blood and died instantly.”
According to a source, the other girl narrated that when they got to the pastor’s house, they knocked and the pastor came out with the power water, she drank as the pastor commanded, then she handed the remaining water to the deceased, who also drank. But she started exhibiting strange signs and died.
The Mpape Divisional Police Officer, Chief Superintendent Abayomi Surajudeen, confirmed the death and say it is unfortunate. He added that the case has been transferred to FCT criminal investigation department.
FCT Police spokesperson, Deputy Superintendent Hyelhira Altine Daniel, said it is true that a lady died after drinking holy water popularly known as power water given to her by the pastor but said nobody can prove that the lady died as a result of the power water because nothing happened to the other lady, who drank the same water with her.
She said, “We cannot be able to prove that the lady died as a result of the power water. Two ladies went for the water, both of them drank from the same bottle and the one who drank last died, does that mean that the water killed her? As a matter of fact, she left the pastor’s house hale and hearty after drinking the power water, and when she got home, she started complaining of stomach ache, before she could be rushed to the hospital, she died.”
The FCT police spokesperson said that maybe they branched somewhere and ate something while returning from the pastor’s house and that it would be unfair to accuse the pastor of causing her death.
He however said they are investigating and that the findings would be made public when concluded.
But the woman’s husband is not taking any of that, he said the pastor also collected a lot of money from them.

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