[ALBUM] “Premium Praise (Live)” – Dr. Yohan

“Premium Praise Live” is Dr. Yohan’s debut album, which is a compilation of soul-lifting praise and worship songs that stir listeners to reflect on God’s goodness and greatness.

Reflecting on the album, Dr. Yohan shares, “If ‘premium’ refers to topmost quality, then when Psalms 150 says, ‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord,’ I’m saying that when we do it, let’s do it premium!”

The album was recorded with a live audience in Abuja, Nigeria, and explores a variety of sub-genres, including Amapiano, Afrobeats, and Electronic Pop. Featuring collaborations with other gospel artists and the artistic prowess of the talented team at TAP, Dr. Yohan has curated an immersive praise and worship experience with this project.

One of the tracks on the album, titled Balogun, is a soul-stirring song that reverently acknowledges God as a mighty warlord, fighting and triumphing in battles for humans. Dr. Yohan also plans to launch a #BalogunChallenge on TikTok, inviting individuals to share their stories of divine intervention and victories in times of struggle, aligning perfectly with the song’s empowering message.


Dr. Yohan is a Nigerian-born gospel artist, praise leader, music director, songwriter, and arranger. He expresses his faith and music styles in a radical and boundless fashion, incorporating various sub-genres to express his message that finds root in the goodness of God. The charismatic artist is an embodiment of out-of-the-box Spirit-inspired creativity, simultaneously fusing his calling and passion for ministry with a thriving secular career.

Dr. Yohan’s sound is unique, cross-generational, and bears the essence of the divine. His versatility and sound knowledge of God’s word are evident in his music and lyrics, respectively. He’s passionate about using his music to bless lives across the nations of the earth and is also a ‘performance enhancer’ helping singers and musicians achieve ingenious feats with excellence.

Renowned for orchestrating one of the largest annual concerts in Nigeria’s middle belt for over a decade, Dr. Yohan, also known as Yohanna Bako, has seamlessly fused his calling into ministry and passion for music with a career in digital strategy after a distinguished stint as a university lecturer.

His first EP, “Sunday Behaviour,” was released in 2020 and featured his popular song “Shack Me,” which talks about the overwhelming nature of God’s love and has been performed across the country at church events and music concerts. Dr. Yohan’s dynamic sound and authentic storytelling expressed in how he writes his songs have captured the attention of music enthusiasts globally.

Dr. Yohan founded The Anointed Praise (TAP) in 2006, and the team became known for their unique performances that were out of the box with stereotypical Christian nuances. Comprising highly skilled and anointed vocalists and musicians, the team became an inspiration to a lot of young folks.

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