[ALBUM] “Since I Get Jesus” – Anslem Mighty

Unveiling his latest musical creation, Anslem Mighty presents the album “Since I Get Jesus”; a collection of 7 captivating songs. This musical masterpiece encapsulates his artistic journey and spiritual connection, each track serving as a chapter in his narrative.

The album offers a deeply personal insight into the ebbs and flows of his faith, leaving an indelible mark with its resonant melodies that linger even when the music fades.

Beyond mere melodies, Anslem Mighty’s music is a tapestry of stories skillfully woven through every lyric. His compositions resonate with the heart, addressing the diverse spectrum of challenges, triumphs, and moments of inspiration encountered on life’s journey. With his soul-stirring tunes, Anslem Mighty emerges as a true messenger, carrying a message of faith, love, and unyielding resilience. Each note he delivers echoes with a profound sense of purpose and an invitation to embrace the profound emotions embedded in his harmonies.

“Since I Get Jesus” is not just an album; it’s a journey, an experience, and an invitation to discover the beauty in faith, even amid life’s challenges.

Stream the album below;

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