[ALBUM] “The Rebirth” – Plastic Njinjoh

A worthwhile journey and one to reckon with as Plastic Njinjoh releases his sophomore album – “The Rebirth”.

Kicking off the year by releasing three singles ‘Honour the Lord, Oh Come to Jesus & Race of Faith’ off the album has endeared many to his musical craftsmanship.

The Rebirth is a 12-track album cutting across different genres of sounds. This body of work speaks about God, our faith, life and much more.

“Rebirth is more than re-dedication or new beginning; it is the attainment of a new life and salvation by a Christian. It is a journey of faith, making us first fruits of God.” – Plastic

By rebirth, there is no discrimination to having access to the Father. If you ever feel you have derailed, the father’s arm is open to receiving you.

See “God is Spirit” video below;


All sounds are produced by Samuel for BME Studios.
Mixing and mastering, MD Lyonga
BGVs: Belinda Bsenjo and Adele Clarice in EQLab Recording Studio.

All songs written and arranged by Fidelis Njinjoh (Plastic Njinjoh)

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