[AUDIO] “Awesome Holy Spirit” – Quineta Michael

Anointed gospel music minister and songwriter, Quineta Michael, presents a brand new song titled “Awesome Holy Spirit.”

The song serves as an intimate love offering to the Holy Spirit, who is acknowledged as the One revealing the Father and the Son and recognized as a Person.

Speaking about the song, Quineta shares, “The Holy Spirit is Jealous of His Heritage and desires to have a close relationship with those who have surrendered their lives to Christ Jesus.”

She further explains, “The relationship with the Holy Spirit is one filled with awe and wonder. It leaves you longing to know Him more, walking in obedience born from a place of love.”

“We are nothing without the Holy Spirit; He is the answer to all you will ever need and who you will become in God. This powerful song will stir hunger in all who listen to live in awe of God!” – she concludes.

Quineta effectively conveys the truth in this song that abiding in Christ is only possible through the Spirit of God.

The song is available on all digital platforms worldwide.



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