[AUDIO] “Indispensable God” – Sammy Oke

Sammy Oke has released a new single titled “Indispensable God”.

Popularly known as the Amayanabo (king of praise); a title given to him by his Pastor, David Ibeyiomie of Salvation Ministries. Sammy Oke is a singer, songwriter, director, instrumentalist, and recording artist.

In a season where plague, disaster, atrocities, wickedness, and other inhuman activities continue to confront mankind, this song of praise is to appreciate the protection, divine help, and all the good things including life we still enjoy in Christ Jesus.

The adept inspirational words of praise that will lift your spirit man to make it to your next successful steps in life when you listen to this song is unimaginable.

Sammy Oke has shared the stage with notable musicians like Chioma Jesus, Frank Edwards, Sunny Gbadu, Sammy Okposo, Buchi, Eben, Nathaniel Bassy amongst others.



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