[AUDIO] ‘Surprises’ – Spin E

Emerging Afro Gospel sensation, Ekemini Atarah, professionally known as Spin E, is back with a vibrant new pop single titled “Surprises.”

In this upbeat and danceable track, Spin E joyfully shares the testimony of God’s marvelous deeds in his life, expressing his perpetual state of amazement. “Surprises” is not just a song; it’s a celebration of the goodness and blessings that God showers upon His people daily.

Hailing from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, Spin E is gaining rapid recognition in the Gospel music scene. Following the success of his previous single, “Burst Ma Brain,” Spin E’s fans and the public have eagerly anticipated more, leading to the creation of “Surprises.”

The song encourages young Christians to groove and celebrate the daily surprises of God’s love and blessings. Join the celebration by streaming and sharing “Surprises” to enjoy the infectious rhythm and uplifting message.

May you be blessed as you revel in the Surprises of God!




Instagram: @spin_e_official
Facebook: Spin E

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