[AUDIO] “We Bow” – Greg Ustan

Minister Greg Ustan unveils his latest single, “We Bow,” showcasing not only his musical prowess but also his deep devotion to God. Beyond being an artist, Minister Greg is a passionate worshipper whose music reflects a profound spiritual journey, serving as an inspiration to many. His ministry stands as a beacon of inspiration, merging sincere devotion with musical artistry to convey a divine message of faith.

As a dedicated lover of God, Minister Greg channels authenticity into his work, using his musical gift as a means to uplift and draw people closer to the divine. His growing presence in the kingdom underscores his commitment to sharing the transformative power of faith through soul-stirring melodies and spiritually rich lyrics.

“We Bow” serves as a testament to the magnificence and benevolence of God, skillfully composed to accentuate His goodness and supreme nature. The song eloquently expresses gratitude for the boundless mercy and grace bestowed upon humanity. Through poetic verses and a captivating melody, Minister Greg invites listeners to bow in awe and recognition of God’s divine majesty. This gospel composition becomes a heartfelt anthem, uniting believers in worship and inspiring a profound sense of reverence for the omnipotent and benevolent Creator.

“We Bow” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Stream, share, and join in worship!



Facebook: Greg Ustan
Instagram: @gregustan

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