[AUDIOI] Israel Strong Unveils Dual Singles ‘Loke Loke’ & ‘Wings To Fly’ to Celebrate Birthday

Israel Strong marks another significant year in his journey with the debut of two fresh singles, “Loke Loke” & “Wings to Fly.” Both tracks encapsulate the essence of Israel’s distinctive musical style, seamlessly merging elements of Hip-Hop, Pop, and Afrobeats.

In the lively and rhythmic “Loke Loke,” Israel showcases his remarkable vocal range. This anthem of self-determination and resilience is fueled by powerful production and an irresistible chorus, ensuring that “Loke Loke” is destined to become a chart-topper.

On the other hand, “Wings to Fly” takes a more contemplative pace. The song encourages listeners to strive for greater heights, with a chorus that resonates, “I’ve got wings to fly and soar like the eagle.” Israel’s gentle and melodic voice, paired with smooth and soulful production, creates a captivating atmosphere.

This remarkable dual single release goes beyond the realms of music, carrying profound faith affirmations. Both “Loke Loke” and “Wings to Fly” exemplify Israel Strong’s musical prowess, solidifying his position as a formidable presence in the industry.

With impactful lyrics and polished production, Israel Strong, also recognized as the Prince of LoveWorld, is poised to make a resounding impact in the music scene.

Make sure to dive into these two latest singles: “Loke Loke” & “Wings to Fly.” Keep a keen eye on Israel Strong as he continues to unfold his musical journey, promising more to come!



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