BREAKING NEWS:: Ey3zcr3am Changed to Malakhi Elohim‎


Performing on stage

After a long search, prayers, fasting and study, the duo secular, switched to Gospel Ministers Ey3z and Cr3am known as Ey3zcr3am finally received the answer to their long time prayer.
What was this Prayer? That God should take charge and do the rebranding, making old things become new. Almighty God did, with a change of name as HE did to our father Jacob, who became Isreal, and many others.
The popularly known ‘Ey3z Cr3am’ has now become ‘Malakhi Elohim’; an Hebrew word which means ‘Messenger of God’.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what God has in stock for His people from these servants of His.

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