[DOWNLOAD] “He Reigneth” – Joseph Livingstone and Voice of Pilgrims

A fast-rising Nigerian gospel music singer, Joseph Livingstone, and the voice of Pilgrims released a new single titled “He Reigneth.” This song was born out of a deep place of worship, displaying the significance of Christ and how He reigns all over the world.

Commenting on this song, Minister Joseph and the voice of Pilgrims say, “How eternal and superior our God is, He who sits on heaven’s throne and makes the earth His footstool. The sovereign God who exercises His rule across the universe, indeed God ‘Reigneth’ even above the earth.”

Believe that God is the ruler over your life and begin to experience the wonders of His name.

Okpala Emeka Joseph, who hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, Anambra precisely, is married to his beautiful wife, the voice of Pilgrims. He also runs a successful business.

He gave his life to Christ in 2008 and started composing songs in 2011 out of his passion for music, inspiration, and motivation from those who have been blessed by God in this industry. Using his God-given angelic voice, many lives have been blessed. He has released various songs inspired by his experiences in Christian pilgrimage.

Minister Joseph speaks further: “This journey has not been easy. I have passed through several levels of hardship, but my assurance remains that God’s hands are upon my life and will make a way for me in different endeavours. I pray God may cause His words to flourish through my songs.”

Kindly download, watch, and listen to this wondrous song of His word. It is now available on all social media platforms.



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