Born to Deacon and Mrs. Andrew Obareki in Sapele, Delta State, She has three brothers and two sisters. Her music carrier started at the age of eight in the children’s choir. She moved on to the adult choir when she was fifteen and when she was eighteen she was made the choir Director because, she could teach the three parts namely Soprano, Alto & Tenor. The choir released a couple of albums where she took lead vocals and backup vocals as well. Unknown to her parents at that time that it would later lead to stardom. She attended Ayomanor Primary School Sapele where she single headedly wrote and performed a cultural display that got her the first prize in the competition. She then attended Ufuoma mixed Secondary School Sapele,and fell in love with sports, she became the best in long jump and won series of prices for her school she then moved on to the University of Benin where she studied Public Administration. By this time she had already written well over 20 songs and had a greater passion for music. In 2000, she playfully composed and released an album titled “TRIP” with a friend; the album was a success and got them shows alongside artiste likes Tony Tetuila, Plantation boys and a long list of others. The album gained some recognition as the videos where the talk of the town in Benin, being the first female group to break off from the usual approach, the two friends parted after school but Kefee did not give up. In December 2003 she signed on with Alec Music and relesed her first solo album as a female artiste. Kefee’s “BRANAMA” sold nine thousand audio cassettes in just three weeks of the albums release and over two million copies of CDs/VCDs in a month. Kefee was asked to perform in Aso Rock for the presidency, governors and also at many social events. She became the hottest Nigerian female artiste and won a number of awards including kORA’S BEST AFRICAN TRADITIONAL AWARD in South Africa, 2 TODAYS MUSIC AWARDS [TOMA], NIGERIAN ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS, YOUTH EXCELLENCE AWARDS and the NIGER DELTA ADVANCEMENT AWARDS [NDAA] Kefee’s fan base increased all over Africa and also on the international scene, she was invited to perform in London for charity and also in other parts of Europe and America. Kefee’s first album was a huge success which had her fans eagerly anticipating for her second album titled “BRANAMA 2”.Her sophomore album was just as terrific as her first and also got her the respect of other well known Nigerian Artiste who worked with her for the album. In 2007 KEFEES PEACE FOUNDATION had a FREE peace concert in NIGER DELTA where different artiste came to show love to the people in this region. The event was a huge success and has motivated Kefee to not just limit her love foundation to the Niger Delta but to spread the message of peace, love and unity through out Africa starting with her people. The decision to sponsor this event was an important one to Kefee even though it had major financial implications she was passionate about giving back to her people. Because her question is what are you doing for others? Kefee likes watching movies and reading when she is not in the studio or out of town. Singing is one of her favorite hobbies and she says she will continue giving it her best and making her country proud. ..

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