Meet Stanley Ohios aka Standrums – The Gifted Guru on Drums

Every professional artiste at some point has come to the conclusion that they have favorites in the music industry (ranging from musicians, producers, backup singers, sound engineers etc.) who they love having around while performing.
My guest is that kind of person. you are just rest assured when he is the one behind the Drums at your performance. Born in Lagos, Nigeria to a family of Eight. Now a Drums Consultant working professionally as a section and seasoned Drummer.
I have been privileged to work with him and likewise been to his concerts. Trust me, this man is an anointed Wizard on Drums! He delivers excellently; he is a perfectionist; knows just what is expected of him; a multi-talented man that has travelled far and wide via drumming. From Nigeria to South Africa to Europe to the USA.. Currently resides in London and working on his video.
He has played for celebrities, artistes, churches, shows, concerts, etc. With Stanley, you don’t need to talk too much, he knows what you want and exceeds your expectation. He is a team player too, complimenting and in tune with other musicians on set. He is so creative with his art, rehearses for hours, creating and mastering his art, rhythm, beats and sounds, His sound gives the singer more inspiration..
His personalized drum kit I officially tagged MULTI-CRAZY DRUMS is highly maintained. Please don’t mess with his drums for peace sake. Lol! What more can I say? Please meet my guest: Stanley Ohios aka Standrums.
The Beginning
It started in the church I grew up in. I was about 3-4 years old when I first noticed the drum kit, the church just purchased one and I was so fascinated by it. I picked up interest at the Church service when the drummer played on until the generating set came on after a power failure.
Whatever the drummer was playing resounded continuously in my head, such that I just could not get past it. On getting home, I and my elder brother continued using our dining table as the Drum{laughs}humming and dancing to the beat I could not forget. Music became real to me while I was in Junior secondary school class 2 as met with professionals, and the rest is history.
The First Performance:
I don’t think I remember my first performance. I recall the drummer leaving, and I started playing   at the same Church where I picked up interest. My elder brother was playing first and he switched to playing the keyboard. I really don’t know why though. All I remember now is I was on the drum kit and he was playing the keyboard smiles
My Inspiration:
I would say my elder brother..He started before me and I learnt alot from him even if I cant rememeber him teaching me. {laughs} likewise Dave Weckl, Ray Jehovy, Sam Ibeh, Chester Thompson….. The list is endless…
My personal rehearsals has no time or when. I practice anytime, anywhere and anyplace.


Stanley’s Personalized Multi-Crazy Drums

Relating With Singers
I am not just a drummer but a musician which means I also relate to the music from the rhythm aspect. My drumming does not clash with the singers and many times I follow the singers because most of them are not too familiar with timing or where to come in, e.g. the up beat or down beat. And yes, I sugest ideas, licks and phases. That’s what make music interesting, I am known as a Jazz/fusion, Gospel funk, Latin and African drummer – that gives me leverage to play virtually all genres of music.
Playing with New Musicians On Set
That’s pretty easy..I listen to them to know what’s going on and try to relate with what they are playing and come up with a simpler and tight beat(groove) and ride with them. After a few minutes, I am already in tune..
Played for
Wanda Baloyi, The Dawnay Band, Winnie Kumalo, Kunle Ayo, Femi Ogunkoya, The Steve Rodes Ochestral, Hope davids etc.
Playing Abroad & Nigeria: Difference?
Oh yeah! There’s a big difference playing abroad and playing in Nigeria. The Music, Instrumentalist, and Instruments abroad are paid attention to. It’s extremely proffesional and other benefits come with it like being endorsed, recognized and appreciated is provided, as well as playing your own kit’s. All that cant happen in Nigeria sorry to say!
Stan Drums
Smiles My kit is easy as well as complex! Like I said, I am basically a Jazz and Fusion It’s more like me translating music from the drums and this setup helps me do that without any hustle or stress.
For starters, I am naturally a tidy person not just on my kits but everywhere… Maintainer’s culture is a must to excel in this field because most of what we use is pretty expensive and with families, bills and other stuff to take care of, one has no choice but to make it an habit if not, you might end up in a not too good situation.
The nature of the gig and how much playing determines the number of  times its maintained. If am playing at a live recording/ DVD Concert, I change them between 2-3months. If not, I change my drumhead every 6 months.
As for drumsticks, I use a drumstick for a long time depending on the kind of music…But  I have tons of them for extra measures and emergencies. And I’m pretty much a good user of sticks, basically, it’s all about the music situation. On letting someone else play my kit..Well..Yes and No! Yes if you are a professional and no if you are a heavy hitter..{laughs) For you Priscilla, I’ll have to sit beside you- just incase. Both Laughing}
Last Visit To Nigeria
I was in Nigeria in 2011
I am currently working on my first solo project/ drum covers and some music project collaboration  with friends.
Career Fantasy
Hummn! My fantasy Lol!..WELL..I would love to be on stage with King Sunny Ade  fusing Modern music with my crazy drumming styles into his music.
Words From StanDrums
“We have  so many instrument players around in Nigeria but few music players.. And it only takes one that’s got passion, dedication and love to their crafts to scale through..Other than that..It’s struggling all through.. With all the problems of the world today, I feel this is my way of contributing a positive action towards spiritual and mental happiness which music can be a big part of, if you let it. So parents, if your child has a talent for music, please allow them the opportunity to express and develop that talent!”
Priscilla Says:
Thank you Stan. I could watch you play the whole day and not get bored. Its that fascinating! You can follow Stan on social media for updates and news of his forthcoming video @Standrums on Twitter and Instagram // Stanley Ohios on Facebook. 
I promise to post it here when its out. Okay I know I promised you a surprise guest.. Stick around.. I haven’t forgotten.. Love to everyone reading and all your feedbacks.. I’m humbled.. See you soon..

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