"Naijagospel" is set for the Gospel for Nigerians

As the year comes to an end, Naijagospel has revealed her redirected site address, which has been a blog with Wordpres for years now, but yesterday she changed her address from www.naijagospel.wordpress.com to now www.naijagospel.org

The site which runs from the Coal City (Enugu State) is set to promote the gospel of Christ through music, news, events, informations, jokes, etc.

The vision to set up this site started during a choir rehearsal in Petra Worship Centre, Asata Enugu State, when we searched for a nigeria lyrics online, but to no avail unlike other foreign gospel music. We wanted to sing exactly what the original artiste sang on tape, but because we hardly understand some wordings of the music, we often search for lyrics online, so did Naijagospel came to existence. If you notice we make available lyrics to most gospel songs in the country on the site. Another reason was to create a platform for upcoming gospel artiste to showcase their songs.

Thanks to @Sinach and many others who make their lyrics available. If you send us your lyrics or contribute by sending us any gospel lyrics of any Nigerian gospel artiste, and we will surely publish it.

The site already has had about 68,000 plus visitors with the average of a 600 visitors daily for now, of which the chances of increase is unavoidably high.

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