Nigerians slam Kumuyi for preaching against Christmas

An outrage has trailed the sermon of the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, in which he described the celebration of Christmas as “idolatrous.”

The cleric had during the annual December convention of the church which ended on Sunday warned his members against partaking in celebrating  Christmas.

But a cross-section of Nigerians have disagreed with Kumuyi saying observing Christmas was erroneously being tagged a sin.

Those who dropped comments online argued that it was wrong for the pastor to tag the day set aside worldwide for the observance of the birth of  Jesus Christ as idolatrous.

Those who said they had collected Christmas allowances in their work places also wondered if they were expected to return such bonuses.

A respondent on Facebook, Ogba Victor, wrote, “Some people say celebration of Christmas is idolatry, is this true? Well, the answer is this: December  25 was a day used by pagans to worship idols. The early Christians who lived during that time decided to use this period to remember and celebrate the coming of their saviour, Jesus Christ.

“I have a question: if I use a day meant for Satan to remember my Lord (Jesus Christ), worship him, sing carols, feast with family and friends, go to church, pray and rededicate my soul to God, should that be called a sin?

“We should not forget that God made all days, weeks, and years. If pagans choose any day that does not make it their day it belongs to God and will always be.”

One Ilori Paul-Ibukunoluwa wrote on Facebook that since carols and songs of praises were rendered in honour of Jesus Christ and not an idol during the Christmas season, Kumuyi’s assertion would not hold water.

Paul-Ibukunoluwa stated, “What do we do on Christmas Day and in Christmas carols? Is it not to praise, worship, adore, sing to God and celebrate the coming of Jesus to the world? Or is it the singing of ‘Joy to the world, the Lord is come, Let earth receive her king. (You know the rest)’ that constitutes what is called Idolatry? Or is the chicken and turkey or the soft drinks that we drink that are idolatrous or Merry Christmas to you all?”

Anthony Biyi Adejuwon also said, “When Deeper Life started about three decades ago, Pastor Kumuyi preached against watching television and members of his church dared not own one. Now, what do we have? The same pastor now reaches out to his congregation via the satellite projected on big screens. Does it mean that his view then wasn’t inspired by God?

“It follows then that he was only instructing his members from his finite intelligence. This latest teaching of his is not different. What has the celebration or otherwise got to do with gaining eternal life? Is it the case that those who celebrate it will end up in hell for remembering a landmark in God’s relationship with human beings?

“Must God tell us everything we should do? Why then did he create us rational? It’s high time Christian pastors stopped their hypocrisy and preached true repentance and unconditional love which are the lessons of Christmas.”

However, some Nigerians backed the cleric on his supposed weird stance on Christmas. Jerry Tammy onFacebook wrote, “The last time I checked my Bible the disciples were the first to be called Christians, which means Christ-like and I have never read in the Bible where the disciples observed Christmas.

“Neither Christ nor any of the disciples, told us to celebrate Christmas. I stand to be corrected.”

Source: Punch

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