Olukoya Contradict Kumuyi's Predictions for 2013

THERE was sharp disagreement between the prediction of General Superintendent, Deep-er Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi for the nation in 2013 and those of the General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Dr. Daniel Olukoya and the president of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman.
Whereas Kumuyi fore-sees a year of great miracles and wonders anchored on Christ-like living, the MFM helm-sman, Pastor Olukoya, in his 40-point prediction for 2013 at the Prayer City foresees that the nation will experience “uncommon lawlessness,” with “mysterious happenings we never heard before,” and Apostle Johnson Suleman seeing the nation’s flag hoisted at half mast.
The clerics who spoke at their respective cross over services at their different churches attended by thousands of faithful said there is a glorious hope for Nigeria in the New Year.
According to Kumuyi: “It will be a year of great miracles and wonders,” stressing the need for a strong foundation anchored in Christ so that the nation could enjoy the best from God, adding that if the foundation of the nation was destroy-ed, the people would be affected.
The man of God said Christians should expect better things from God in 2013 as God had promised to give hope to His child-ren, but stressed the need for Nigerians to turn to God through repentance in order to make their foundation stronger.
According to Kumuyi, God’s people would live in plenty and abundance this year, adding that there was no need to be anxious as the year promised better things for the people than last year.
New Year celebrations in Sidney Australia.
Olukoya said the nation will experience “uncommon lawlessness,” with “mysterious happenings we never heard before.”
Reeling out his 40-point predictions for 2013 at the Prayer City, along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Pastor Olukoya, who described the year as one of a “rage of political confusion,” said “all organised wicked destroyers shall split and destroy themselves.”
According to the cleric, who traced the first appearance of figure 13 in the Bible to Genesis 14:4, which has to do with rebellion, the “year will generate widespread sparks of rebellion” and it will be “volatile with hot temp-er,” as the accused will become the judge in some situations.


Warning that “this is a year we should approach with great caution, particularly the men,” the MFM G.O. reiterated that the year is “volatile, very fragile and very dangerous to toy with. If you do, the result will be dangerous.”
He noted that year 2013 will, as a result of the love for money by many people, witness a resurgence of occultism, while on the other hand, many sorrows will be turned to joy.
Broadcasters, both television and radio, were also warned to be careful, because malpractices in the sector may split the nation, as he called for prayers for drama and music industry practitioners, to avoid death due to their ignorant and conscious involvement in the occult practice.
Dr. Olukoya disclosed that serious prayers are needed to avert natural disasters, adding that 2013 will also witness shaking for nations that support godlessness, as well as hissing and shame for God’s enemies.
According to him, the New Year will also experience unbelievable betrayal and disloyalty, while he urged for prayers to avoid bloody coups in some nations of the world.
However, not all the predictions are fearsome, as the man-of-God gave the 40th prediction as “harvest breakthrough to those who set at prayers early.”
In another development, the president/founder of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman also released his prophecies for the year 2013, saying that Nigerians should pray for the mercy of God upon our leaders at the National level because he saw our national flag being flown at half mast.
He described the New Year as one to be large and be in-charge, adding that God says this year will be better than last year.
Apostle Suleman said: “Things will get better. The God that kept us till now will still keep us further; it can’t always be like this. God has planted and strategically positioned people who are coming up with ideas that will revolutionalise Nigeria. Some of them might presently be abroad, being trained and groomed.
“Nigeria is going to have a crop of leaders without greed. They will come without corruption and will be selfless. The worst has happened to Nigeria. If they had told us people will die like this last year, we won’t believe.
“If they had told us bombs will be thrown into a church, we won’t believe. When the worst happens, get ready for the best,” he added.

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