Someone I know published a FAT lie – Frank Edwards


A smoke is without fire, we all know; a tweet from Nigeria’s best rock artist shows a misconduct from a writer or rather a blogger/publisher.

We don’t know for sure what the publication was all about, but I think that went off.

Check out what he poster and the reaction from his fans.

Sm1 I knw published a FAT lie about me,so I placed a call to ask why & he said, since u didn’t give us anything we had to publish something


Just like the story in the bible, his fans believed him the more.

Check out some replies:

@FRANKRICHBOY God has blessed ur name. So people can get famous just making use of it.

@FRANKRICHBOY Like u said in 1 of your recent tweets we are created in”Gods image”.Pst Chris always says bad news can nva destroy us

@FRANKRICHBOY It’s wel sir they can’t put u down if they didn’t put u up. It can only work together for your good. Cheer up sir! We lv uuu!

@FRANKRICHBOY haters only make us famous

@FRANKRICHBOY Simply means a greater phase is coming…Welcome to this new level…

@FRANKRICHBOY how you chose nt to expose or mention the name of the person in question makes u a great leader sir. You’ve earned my respect

And so many more, go follow him @Frankrichboy on twitter

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