ARTICLE:: 10 Ways To Spot Womanizers In The Church

Before getting dressed for church this morning, I was actually reminiscing when I saw a picture harkening back to those times when my friends and I used to be a chronic womaniser in the church and how I was later transformed into a new creature according to II Corinthians 5:17. This motivated me and therefore led to the posting of this article

I know that some of us are caught in these acts but will deny vehemently

Without wasting time, below are the ways to spot womanisers in the church

  1. They are usually found at the back seats of the Church

Please note that I’m not implying that any dude that’s fond of sitting at the back seat of the church is a womaniser. What I’m trying to say is that most womanisers in the church always like to sit at the back row where they get to have a clear view of ladies’ backside when they are dancing. I used to be in this category before I repented

  1. They Reveal their Offering just to show off

One of the characteristics of womanisers in church is that when they want to give an offering; on a normal day, maybe they give N50 but because a lady is sitting next to them, they will give N1,000 or even empty their pockets just to show off. They will however flash the money to the lady sitting next to them before putting it inside their envelopes. This is done to make her trip so that they can corner her into their bedrooms

  1. They only come to the Church in New Clothing

Back in the days, I only attended church service each time I bought new clothes and would always be the last person to walk into the church so that the larger proportion of the congregation must have been in attendance and will see me walk in with my newly bought attires. For example, let’s assume I buy three shirts and two pair of trousers, they will last me for three Sundays after which I will not go to church the forth Sunday. This is done to entice the ladies as well as increase my value

  1. The Flaunt their phones unnecessarily

For some of the womanisers who are privileged to buy exotic phones such as Iphone, android and the likes; they will bring it out during service and will start playing Temple Run or launch into twitter or badoo just to show they are technologically inclined

  1. Their Eyes are wide Open during Prayers

Some of them will keep their eyes open and will be walking around focusing on the lady they will like to woo. Even if the pastor demands all eyes be closed, they will close their eyes but will open it few seconds later while the very smart ones will open their eyes halfway just to deceive the pastor

  1. They Quarrel with the Ushers on where to sit

After giving my life to Christ, I joined the church workforce and became an usher after which I got to notice that some dudes are so bent on sitting in a particular direction, and failure to usher them to that direction will cause chaos. They always quarrel with me each time I ushered/usher them to a particular row which they don’t like. When they enter the church, before they decide where to sit , they will look around for a beautiful sister and go sit beside her. Oga Ronald4lif, Wristbangle and Lalalasticla are guilty of this

  1. They offer to Pay the Offering of a Cute Babe

As funny as it sounds, I have done that countless times. When offering time is announced by the pastor, they will ask a lady sitting next to them if she has offering to give. Mind you, this is not done with a good intention but to deceitfully show that they are kind. Don’t be deceived, they are unnecessarily caring just to corner the lady into their bedroom

  1. They will hang around the church premises after service

After the close of service, some of them will not be quick to go home. You will see them hovering around the church premises greeting ladies they barely know every now and then. Some of them will walk up to a lady and will be like, did you enjoy today’s sermon? Hope you felt the anointing?

  1. They don’t like “Fornication” preaching

Another way to spot a womanizer in the church is that, they tend to be very uncomfortable when the preacher’s thrust of sermon is centred on “womanising” and “fornication”. They guy will be looking like GEJ when Buhari was announced as the president. However, some of them will be like, this pastor just wan dey fall my hand sha. When the pastor further lays so much emphasis on the matter, they will walk out of the church because the sermon does not interest them and return back immediately after the sermon.

  1. They Dance Gorgeously and Magnificently

Some of them who have good dancing steps will go in front of the church and start dancing shakiti bobo when the whole congregation is dancing on a low key. This is done with the intention of creating unwanted attention as well as enticing the ladies

Writer: Tosyne2much

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