The World Will Rather Sink Than For Rev. King To Die – Pastor

A senior Pastor in Rev. King’s Christian Praying Assembly (CPA), Rt. Rev. Ernest King, has threatened that Nigeria and the entire world will sink rather than have their condemned General Overseer, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeugo, hanged as ordered by the Nigerian Supreme Court recently.

Rev. Ernest issued the threat during an interview during the week.

He said: “The whole world will sink rather than have Rev. King hanged. You people don’t know who he is. Nothing will happen to Dr. King. He told us that he is going to somewhere and he will come back. And he doesn’t talk and it will not come to pass.”

The cleric alleged that the Nigerian judiciary had collected bribed from a certain group of people who wanted to see Rev. King out of the way, and therefore delivered partial judgment against the CPA general overseer.

His words: “The Supreme Court judgment against Rev King is good for the nation because, God will use it to cleanse the judiciary system. It has shown that the Nigerian Judiciary is partial and that anyone that brings money to the judiciary automatically is favoured with judgment. But everyone will answer for whatever he or she has done.

“Forget the witches, wizards and the wicked mafias in Christendom, they are judging themselves. Nothing will happen to Dr. King and his church. The kingdom we are talking about has come to stay; the future of the church is in no way going to be affected by the judgment.”

Rev. Ernest also threatened that those who passed the death sentence on Rev. King and said unprintable words about them and their families. Rev. King was convicted first by a Yaba Magistrate court for the murder of Ann Uzor on June 22, 2006. The death sentence was confirmed by a Court of Appeal much later and recently by the Supreme Court.

Besides the muder of Ann, he was also accused of setting ablaze five other members of the church like Vivian, Jessica, Chizoba, Kosisochukwu and Uche.

According to Ernest, Rev. King is being persecuted because he refused to tag along with some clerics who claim to be Christians but are actually perpetuating evil.

He maintained that Rev King is a true servant of God because his resolve to fight evil had earned him persecution.

“That is the only way to know the true people of God because they are fighting evil, then evil will fight against them. Whoever tells you that he is serving God and there is no one persecuting him, my brother run away from such person because he is not serving God. This shows why God himself has refused to allow evil people to continue in power and in churches.

“The truth of the matter is that Dr. King was upstairs in house when the fire happened. He heard someone shout ‘fire, fire.’ He ran down stairs, quenched the fire, took the child to the hospital and deposited money for her treatment. Because they wanted money the first group of policemen returned on the December 31, 2006 and made away with about N5million.”

The cleric said that the group was charged with illegal breakage, for stealing about N5 million; but regretted that the case was still hanging in the court till today.

“It was the same group from the State CID, Panti that came to Ajao Estate to make arrest. They said that they will deal with Dr. King ruthlessly. It was the same group that came to carry money that is working with Christian mafia because Dr. King did not want to join them in doing evil.”

He also argued that it was not possible that six people were bathed with fuel and only one of them caught fire.

“Some said the six were bathed with fuel in Rev King’s parlour. Other said that was at the garage, yet there was no evidence of burns in the places where the six were purportedly set ablaze,” he said.

He challenged the authorities to be courageous enough to tell Nigerians the truth about the whole episode.

“Pour 20 litres of fuel in the parlour and see if the house will not be consume. So let Nigerian government and their groups tell us the truth,” Ernest said.

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