[AUDIO] ‘Diamond’ – Chux Benjamin

Chux Benjamin (Chukwunemeikeya Benjamin Nnagbo) is a Priest/Prophet of the Most-High and a gifted music artist, who started singing in a very tender age. He is very versatile as regards song genres but chose to convert all genres of his compositions, songwriting, and singing to gospel. He has written and sung many powerful and spirit-lifting songs that touch and heal the soul.

He is quoted as once saying that his love for music is almost as equal to that for his family.

Chux Benjamin, renowned for giving melody that highlights the soul to worship, has finally come up with an outstanding hit single titled “Diamond”.

The track “Diamond” is spirit-filled to inspire people in times of depression and to reconnect them back to their maker. This single is an instrument of Glorious worship, magnifying God in His works which will bring manifestations to your life.

Sharing about the inspiration behind the song, Chux Benjamin said; “It was sometime in 2021; I needed money to sort out some few basics, but was almost at a crossroads. I became so worried and uncomfortable. A man (one of my guardian Angels), who has always visited me, in my critical conditions, with words of wisdom and songs, then appeared to me in my dream. It was between 4 am and 5 am. After some encouragement, mainly on trusting GOD, he said, listen to this song. Tapping his center finger on the table, he sang “Diamond” with a golden voice, and he said to me, “Let’s go together”, and as I sang along with him, I woke up. So I recorded the song on my phone immediately. Ever since then, the song has been a blessing to many lives. Hopefully, it will also bless your life, Amen”.

Chux Benjamin is a good preacher of the Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD. He is really gifted in various arts, especially in music. He hails from Enugu State – Nigeria.

Stream the audio below;


“Diamond” is now available on all streaming platforms;

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