[DOWNLOAD] 'Love Hurts' – Genevieve Ogu and John Paul Ochei

The unique duo Genevieve Ogu and John Paul Ochei releases another tune, a neo classical cross song (a blend of contemporary and classical styles of music) this song is titled “Love Hurts”  it’s a love story should we really give love a chance?  Genevieve Ogu and John Paul Ochei tells us in this song.

Love Hurts is a song that talks completely about “Love” It talks about the good bad and ugly side of love.

We should not be scared to fall in love, love is a beautiful thing. Listening to love hurt by Genevieve Ogu and John Paul Ochei you will be taking on a journey of love and bet you’ll not want to come back from the journey.


Both Alumnus with honor from the prestigious musical society of Nigeria (MUSON), Genevieve and John Paul are both Opera/classical/musical singer as soprano and baritone voice type, respectively.

They are also vocal and piano coaches, music directors, song arrangers and writers with Genevieve having written several musical songs such as “The hunger tale”, “My Christmas dress” and this present song “love hurts”.

Genevieve and John Paul are known for their live duo performances, especially their video recording release of the Christmas song, “King of Kings” in 2017 which garnered great review and critic acclaim.

Facebook: Johnpaul Ikechukwu Ochei & officialgenevieveogu
Instagram: @johnpaulochei  @genevieveogu
Youtube: John Paul Ochei & Genevieve Ogu

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