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Obasomidinla (The King-induced greatness) is a personal revelation of God’s word about His greatness to me. It  talks about the fact that God makes one great and with emphasis that only what  GOD has done is do-able, since everything in God’s kingdom is voice activated.

The righteousness of faith which speaks is further stressed in this song, confessing God’s word unto salvation in every endeavour based on the belief and conviction rooted in righteousness. The blessing of Abraham has come upon and overtaken us, so regardless of the level of expression  of this blessing one is at, there is more.

It is a privilege  and a great  pleasure for me to be used of GOD to bless the body of Christ and the world at large with this evergreen Spirit-filled song.

This great song was produced by Pastor (Dr.) SAM EXCELSON  and his team at SOPHIA STUDIOS for LUDARA DAVE of OJAGABA. It is dedicated to my daughter; Obasomidinla and every seed of Abraham.  

LUDARA DAVE is the  favoured and  highly beloved of the Lord. He is an unprecedented light shining and burning with an intensity whose substance is Christ Jesus. He is a music minister, anointed and skilful gospel artiste, song writer, music director, entrepreneur and a medical doctor.


FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM: @ludaradave @ojagaba

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1 Comment

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