[EP] “Jesus Revealed” – Chisonia Ige

Chisonia Ige, a gifted and passionate singer, songwriter, worshipper, and lead vocalist, has unveiled her debut EP titled “Jesus Revealed.”

“Jesus Revealed” is an EP that beautifully captures the profound essence and greatness of Jesus in every aspect. The songs within this EP vividly portray the stunning beauty, unwavering gratitude, and magnificent, mighty nature of God. The lyrics and melodies are spiritually uplifting, invoking deep emotions and a sense of awe. Tracks like “Bigger,” “Praise Him,” and “You be God” exude praise and worship, celebrating the divine.

“Oghene doh” is a song of thanksgiving and heartfelt gratitude. “Power in Your Name” and “You Cannot Lie” showcase the undeniable potency found in the precious name of Jesus and His ability to perform extraordinary miracles.

Chisonia Ige fervently advocates salvation through worship. She serves as the president of Chisonia & His Presence Crew and has ministered at numerous worship and praise events both locally and internationally. Notably, she pilots and hosts the annual worship extravaganza “Festival of Praise” in collaboration with her dedicated crew members in Benin City.

“Jesus Revealed” EP is now available on all streaming platforms;
See the video below;

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