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It’s a great day to be alive and as fit as a fiddle, most importantly, to be able to write this wonderful article. This one hmm is about one song that I heard and immediately fell in love with. Okies, here’s the gist.

I was invited for a concert called Alabanza organized by TEHILA CREW in February. When I looked at the list of artists that were supposed to perform, quite a number of faces were familiar and some, not too clear, but that didn’t deter me as I waited anxiously for the day to come so that I could have an avenue to praise, worship and have a good time.

The day finally came and after work, I hurried to the venue. I got there just in time and just settled down after saying hello to some familiar faces. The event of course started and trust me, it was soo wonderful, soo many things I learnt and then around the midnight hour when the tiredness was setting in, one artist was called on to perform his song. The name was quite unfamiliar so I just sat back casually waiting for the performance to pass by so that the event could end. Then, when he started the song, I noticed how people responded. I wondered, ‘How come I feel lost?’ then when it got to the chorus of the song, I saw how the whole hall sprung up and am like, ok?!  And then I didn’t even know when the sleep vanished from my eyes and I started singing the song that I didn’t know. It was an amazing feeling and immediately after the ministration, I had to ask, ‘what the name of the song is and the artist?’ I was told it was Preye and the song was Ebezina. I told myself, you need to meet this dude, so I walked up to him, asked for his contact and was soo happy.
Immediately after the event, I downloaded the song immediately and started asking people about the song and artist and I got some details which I felt wasn’t adequate enough.  I really did not understand what attracted me to that song and for about 2 days, my PM on my Blackberry Messanger read ‘’Ebezina Chukwunonso’’ even though I didn’t know what that meant – That’s how captivating the song is to me.
So I was able to contact him and then we got talking and he told me the story behind the song and I was like ‘woow’, God Is truly faithful. So I wouldn’t just saw it all, let’s actually hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Jibike: Can you please introduce yourself?

Preye: MY name is Preye Odede and I am from Isampou town In Ekeremor LGA all in Bayelsa State. I’m a graduate of Microbiology in from Abia State University Uturu.

Jibike:  Let’s talk about My Script. How did that name come about and what is the album all about?

Preye: My Script is more or less like words put together in writing to form a book or journal.
In this context, it means “The WORD OF GOD” So, the song Titled My Script is a declaration, countering what the world says about us. We don’t believe what they say but what the WORD says.
The Album is simply an expressing of God’s ability to raise anything from nothing to something.   It’s about my life’s story and how God dealt with every bit of my struggles.

Jibike: How many tracks are there on the album?

Preye: It’s a 14 track album

Jibike: How long did it take you to put the album together?
Preye: . Well, I actually did singles long before the album was released. I started the process in 2009 though was quite reluctant about an album. I wanted to do more of singles but the demand for an album came pressing and I had to release an album in 2012.

Jibike:  So tell us about your hit track. How did it come about?

Preye: Well your Hit track may not be my hit track. hahahaha!! But on a more serious note, I’m sure you are talking about Ebezina.
‘’Ebezina’’ was actually written in 2009 and had little audience till when it started gaining massive airplay in Port Harcourt.  It was officially launched in 2012 in the Album ‘’MY SCRIPT’’. The Video was shut in November 2013 and was released in March 2014.

That song tells to a large extent a part of me. I wrote that song in the middle of serious hardship. At a point we were thrown out of our house and rendered homeless by some folks I wouldn’t want to mention back in 2009. It was actually a write up God gave to me to encourage myself while it was difficult. I never knew or had in mind it was going to make as much impact as it has made so far. I was like a helpless young guy who just concluded NYSC in July 2009 in sokoto state.
Now, on that faithful day this happened: I was to travel back to Sokoto state while I missed my bus and wondered back to church where I used to put up because at this point, we were homeless. The good part of the story is that God gave me a job in the middle of the hardship and gradually everything started falling in place. Then he gave me this song, telling me that He’s the same God, who was there for me in the midnight hour, and he’s the same God, who is able to wipe my tears away.
And He said to me, tell me why you’ve given up on me when I’ve not given up on you. And he said; Hold on, your change is on the way. I put all the lyrics together and sang the song first in church and almost immediately, I was invited to the School I graduated from and I did the song for the first time and finally, this is it.  So much to talk about this song but I wish to stop here.

Jibike: In all honesty, did you expect that song to be a hit?

Preye: As a matter of fact, I didn’t record the song to become a hit; it was the message God gave me during my trying times and I never knew the song would be appreciated. Nope, Never!

Jibike:  How was ur growing up like? What particular fond memory do you have?

Preye: Well, my growing up wasn’t the best of stories but I guess it would make a best seller if you wanna have a play.
Hmmm, Growing up wasn’t really funny, wouldn’t  want to talk about it but the other part was that I was really and still loved by my mum who took everything upon herself in making sure I went to school. Though she wasn’t really happy about the fact that I always spent the better part of me traveling, singing and backing up gospel artistes. She made sure I was not making any mistake.

Jibike: Tell us about your journey into music and the challenges you encountered!

Preye: I’ve always been a singer right from my childhood days; sang in my church children’s choir, graduated to the main church choir, and then in the university, I was part of one of the finest choir then (CRC ABSU).
I formed a group known as the Born2Praiz (A five man acappella group); I also was a back-up for some major gospel ministers in PHC. When I went for my youth service and was also part of NCCF choir. Though I kept doing my solo thing along the line.

Jibike: what’s the inspiration behind your music?

Preye: My messages are being inspired by the Holy Spirit. Though songs most times or may be often times come from our day to day activities, but to do a gospel song, you really need the Holy Spirit to be able to translate songs to the soul because gospel music ministers to the soul as well as the body.

Jibike: What else do you do apart from Music Ministry?

Preye: Ermmm, I work in a small company; I’m also a designer and can do all things through Christ.  (grins)

Jibike: when you are not singing or working, what would you be doing?

Preye: I would be listening to music, watching Movies, – comedy and mostly I love being in the studio because quite a number of things happen there.

Jibike: Your last encouraging words?

Preye: Stay glued to your purpose and vision and then be original;

Stop Piracy and stealing from other peoples work. If it is Gospel music, then the Holy Spirit will not stop at giving us inspiration. And stop stealing from other people’s work, work hard.

Whatever you are and will become, the fame, money and wealth you have and will ever have, God did them all and He can strip you of them all just to save your soul. Shun pride!!!!

It’s amazing how God works!!! He definitely lifts people up from dunghills and sets them within Princes and soo much more. Another thing is when God blesses you with something why would someone want to steal it from you?
One thing to note is that: There can never be 2 originals, so people should learn to be Original because it pays!!!
Finally, I don’t know what you maybe going through and it seems God has forgotten you, please hold on a little while more, don’t let the devil deceive you into missing your blessing – Your Breakthrough is very close. May God grant us the grace to patiently wait for our blessing because sometimes, they come in raindrops!!!


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