[NEWS] PWAN Advantage CEO Honors Top Sales Regents with Luxury Cars at Regent Night & Awards

In an electrifying and riveting evening, PWAN Advantage celebrated its annual Regent Night & Awards by gifting two luxurious cars to dedicated Sales Regents/PBOs who have demonstrated unwavering loyalty to the PWAN Advantage brand. The lucky winners received a Mercedes Benz SUV and a Toyota Camry as tokens of appreciation for their outstanding contributions.

The Regent Night & Awards event, held annually, serves as a platform to recognize and commend the relentless efforts of Sales Regents/PBOs in effectively marketing the company’s diverse estates, which are strategically spread across the nation.

During the grand presentation of these remarkable vehicles, Mr. Chinedu Ezenwa, also known as Chibaba, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of PWAN Advantage Resources Ltd, extended his warm congratulations to the deserving recipients. He expressed heartfelt gratitude for their continued commitment to promoting PWAN Advantage Estates nationwide. Furthermore, he assured them of even more exciting rewards and incentives in the future.

PWAN Advantage stands as a prominent real estate developer, boasting a portfolio of over 20 estates strategically positioned across the nation. Their vision is not limited to real estate development alone; it also encompasses empowering their Sales Regents, affectionately known as PBOs (PWAN Business Owners). This empowerment encourages them to exceed boundaries in the realms of property marketing and development.

With a commitment to enhancing the real estate landscape in Nigeria, PWAN Advantage sets the stage for a brighter and more prosperous future in the industry, offering boundless opportunities for all those who join them on this remarkable journey.


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